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Fashion Astrology – Scorpio Style, She’s The Femme Fatale…

scorpio femme fatale


The femme fatale, a mysterious, seductive woman in French it literally means “fatal woman”.

Allure, mystery, and dark glamour, she embodies a charm that ensnares her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

She is an archetype best aligned with Scorpio – the Scorpion

Scorpio Style Kendall Jenner

Sun In Scorpio, Kendall Jenner

Scorpio, Private Eye


Scorpio Jodie Foster, Ace Investigator…

As the private investigator of the zodiac, Scorpio likes to go undercover and remain unnoticed the majority of the time.

hit-and-miss-Chloë Sevigny-scorpio

Scorpio Chloë Sevigny…

scorpio-Demi Moore in Disclosure

Scorpio Demi Moore in Disclosure…

ava gardner venus in scorpio kitty collins

Ava Gardiner – Venus In Scorpio…

Miss Mysterious

Like the Scorpion that reps their sign, they’ll often be lurking, concealed in the shadows, needing to shroud themselves in a cloak of mystery…


Scorpio Winona Ryder…


Scorpio Rising Dita Von Teese, Cloaked In Mystery…

Pointed stiletto optional, to aide their sting!

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