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☆ Sun In Scorpio ☆ Moon In Aries ☆ Venus In Sagittarius ☆ Pisces Rising ☆

Like her mother, Kris Kardashian, Kendall Jenner is a Scorpio, but of course there’s much more to the eye when we look at the personal horoscopes of the stars!

If the birth time of 1.56pm is correct then Kendall has Pisces on the ascendant, approaching the world from an ultra empathetic perspective…

Check out Kendall’s birth chart below, and see the summary of her Star Sign Style!

Pisces Rising


Kendall totally worked her astrology ascendant – Pisces Rising for her 21st birthday in the shimmering dress covered in Swarovski crystals. Pisces is not only the mermaid of the zodiac but also the Cinderella, a dreamy fairytale princess.

Pisces is also the yogi and the artist, and I love to see a person with Pisces riding high wearing a super relaxed pyjama party look as daywear – winning.

Sexy Scorpio


As a Scorpio Kendall’s inclined to value her privacy, quite a challenge coming from one of the world’s most famous families!

This is a strong and stealthy sign that has a reliance like no other. Master of transformation, people born under this zodiac sign can slip seamlessly into many guises in a lifetime, burning their last incarnation to dust, rising in their new form from the ashes of the past.

Love how Kendall powered ahead with a modelling career, despite haters, and her start as in The Kardashians reality show.

Venus In Sagittarius


The placement of her Venus is Sagittarius exuding a playful, optimistic and extrovert side to the star.

Sagittarius is the wild horse of the zodiac, unbridled, she is a true cowgirl who rocks denim and a sassy red lip!

A bit of a class clown, your Sagittarius is friend is blunt and brazen, totally risk adverse. With Venus in Sagg Kendall will conduct friendships in this carefree FUN way – buddying up with Venus in Aries model Gigi Hadid for good times.

Moon In Aries

kendall vogue

Moon in Aries adds yet more fire and brimstone to the personality of Kendall – her true nature is brave and passionate, and though she might get a few knocks down along the way I hope she maintains a warrior spirit. Arians have a gorgeous, youthful charm and can always be counted on to dive head first into another challenge!

Happy 21st Kendall!

Kendall Jenner’s Birth Chart


Born 3rd November, 1995 At 1.56pm In Los Angeles

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