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Scorpio, Kris Jenner, Astrology And Personal Horoscope…



Sun In Scorpio Moon In Cancer Venus In Scorpio 

Kardashian mom Kris was born 5th November, 1955 at 2.47 am making her a Scorpio!

This isn’t much of a surprise, as true to Scorp style, she always seems to be maneuvering beneath a mysterious surface…

Powerful and resilient, this Scorpio television personality, businesswoman and self-proclaimed ‘momager‘ (mom–manager) also has bags of seductive charm.

Not only does she have Sun in the zodiac sign Scorpio but Venus too.

Kris Jenner’s Birth Chart

Our Venus sign indicates our feminine style and how we appear to the world as a woman, and this planetary placement only adds to her Scorpionic ways… I’d say she embodies all the typical traits, including a BIG sting in her tail!

The Moon in Cancer softens this socialite somewhat though. The zodiac sign of the ‘mother’, Cancerian people are natural nurturers, empaths and seriously sensitive, and protective – especially when it comes to their brood.

Though she may be intense, Kris would be totally drawn to motherhood and makes a marvellous mom. From her astrology and birth chart it’s quite understandable that she wanted to keep adding to the Kardashian klan and loves having family around to fuss over…

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