Scorpio Celebrities (as above): Astrid Smeplass, Chloe Sevigny, Willow Smith, Tove Lo, Xenia Deli, Emma Roberts, Gabrielle Union, Kendall Jenner, Aishwarya Rai, Izabel Goulart, Winona Ryder, Vanessa White, Alexa Chung, Katy Perry and Emilia Clark.



Take it from the stars above, those born under the Scorpio constellation can work a truly gorgeous makeup style!

What are the top beauty tips for Scorpio babes?

1. Very Berry


Scorpio should choose a dark red, maroon lip, which can be glossy or matte.

Their best colors are the darkest black and oxblood tones.

2. Hawk Eyes

Represented by the eagle as well as the scorpion, their gaze is penetrating and intense! A smoky eye is the very best look for Scorpio.

3. The Dark Midnight Hour

Halloween falls during Scorpio season and those born under this zodiac sign have an affinity with shadier areas, often hiding out in the shadows themselves.

They can transform their tresses into dark head of hair, adding an accessory that’s a little on the gothic or witchy side – a spiders web or witchy jewels.

4. Pale And Interesting


Anna Selezneva, Moon In Scorpio

A smokey eye is gorgeous on the Scorpio born.

5. Strong & Seductive

Scorpio is a strong and seductive sign, ruling over the darker and more taboo subjects: mysteries, death, rebirth, transformation and all that is spooky.

The Scorpio born should emphasise their strong nature, not shirk it.

Keywords: private, probing, mysterious, seductive, observant, still, stealthy and intense.

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