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Spring Equinox Astrology 2018


While you may think the new year falls on Jan. 1, there’s another “new year” you can observe.

Stars actually re-align during the Spring Equinox on March 20th – the event is marked by the sun moving into Aries, which is the first zodiac sign.

Here’s how the Spring Equinox will affect us all…

The Equinox has arrived in tandem with Mars moving into Capricorn, and of course Mars is the ruler of Aries, so an interesting shift is occurring.

Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in the sign, so ‘Capricorn’ issues are very heavy in our collective consciousness right now.

Aside from this being a great time for fresh starts, new beginnings et al, it’s actually a time when we’re being called to step up, and into positions of authority, leadership and power [meditate on: empowerment].

We’ve lots of Cardinal energy in the skies, with planets Aries and Capricorn dominating.

This makes me think of ‘The Boss’, as Aries is bossy, direct and entrepreneurial, while Capricorn leads or heads an empire. Either way, it’s incredibly affirming and self-starting.


We can’t neglect to see that Mercury appears retrograde in Aries (tomorrow – March 23rd), while Saturn also likes to ‘put the brakes on’.

Saturn is the karmic planet, and thus we must do things ‘properly’ – not Aries’ forte… There’s a true battle in the skies, with a square between the fresh sun (now in Aries), and Mars (newly in Capricorn).

Venus & Mercury During The Equinox

Venus and Mercury were together at the time of the Equinox, beautifying, pouring oil over, and generally making the upcoming retrograde a little more pleasant and bearable.

It’s also softening Aries boxing glove!

Jupiter is aligned with Pluto; this gives gravitas to power – this is a lovely planetary aspect to have, with momentum behind our plans (no matter how slowly they come to pass).

Jupiter has been passing through Scorpio since October 2017 dredging up dark themes of power, harassment, sexual deviance, secrets etc. and we’re now in a good position to consider the follow-through of all that’s come to light (with Jupiter now retrograde and in alignment with Pluto).

Moon In Taurus During The Equinox

The moon was in Taurus at the time of Equinox, perfectly aligned with Saturn.

This additional earthy element serves us on the material plane, again emphasising that any efforts or plans we wish to activate or begin with this new year will very much carry a practical edge! It’s a marvellous time to bring reality and purpose to our vision (dreamt up in these past few weeks: during Pisces season!)

When is the Spring Equinox in 2018?

The Spring Equinox or (Vernal Equinox) is March 20th (4.15 pm GMT) – in the northern hemisphere…



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