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5 Ways To Work The Spring Equinox Into Your Beauty Rituals

My Top 5 Tips To Welcome In The Spring Beautifully With Astrology… Celebrate the Spring Equinox and Aries season with these helpful hints and beauty rituals!


5 Ways TO Bring You Into Alignment With The Spring Season

We’re out of the long stretch of winter, gone is the gloom and cold!

It’s March so the Spring Equinox (a.k.a the Vernal Equinox) is upon us – it’s the beginning of the astrological calendar (hello Aries Season!), a new year and a time when both day and night are equal.

>> In 2016 & 2018 the Vernal Equinox falls 20th March, 2018 it’s the 21st March <<

This year, the moon will be passing through the lion’s constellation and we’ll still see a stellium of planets in dreamy Pisces.

This includes Neptune, which will be sitting in close-close quarters with beauty planet Venus! It’s a wonderful time for beauty, letting your imagination roam, picking up some watercolours, if you’ve some handy… When the sun met Neptune in Pisces I made a dreamcatcher!

So, what else can you do to align with the cosmos, celebrate and make the most of this fresh energy and new start?

1. Go Fresh Faced


Now OFFICIALLY Aries season you can make like this amazing zodiac sign and put forward a fresh, less-is-more look.

Aries has this down because she’s direct, a fast and furious chick, not one for sitting around at a girlie dressing table.

Go light and dewy with MAC Face & Body, a no-nonsense coverage solution, grab a lip-balm and you’re off!

2. Invest In A New Scent


Bring spring into your life with a fresh fragrance that lifts your spirits!

You can also introduce the vibes into your home with potted plants or cut flowers – a beautiful bouquet will remind you of new growth that’s possible over the next 12 months. Read about astrology and fragrance, here.

3. Get Ready For Easter


The Vernal Equinox falls a few days before the holiday weekend; Easter always falls on the Sunday after the first full moon following the solstice, and therefore the equinox occurs during the waxing moon phase.

This makes for a great time in the lunar cycle to replenish the skin and moisurtusie, seeings as as the body’s in its absorbency phase.

Have yo-self a pamper party for one with a celebratory bath full of spring fleurs and anoint oil to thy pretty face…


My Favourite Facial Moon Oils:

Kiss The MoonMoonlight CatalystLUNA, Vanilla Moon And MUN…

4. Channel This Bunny – INHALE Nature

Spring Equinox Beauty bunny

If you’re lucky enough to live near a patch of green then plant your face in the grass, roll about until you’re dizzy then look up at the clouds or even better blue skies!

Nature speaks to our soul, which is just as good a nourishment as expensive creams and lotions.

Smile and create laughter wrinkles, which will make you even more beautiful…

5. Spring Clean Bags And Brushes


The spring equinox is a time of renewal and rebirth, a time to inject new life into all areas.

If your makeup’s looking tired after a hard and gruelling winter why not celebrate new beginnings with a breath of fresh air blown through your beauty kit?

Wash your brushes with gentle soap, swirling them gently in the palm of your hand, and lay them out to dry with the brush end hanging over the edge of your shelf, so they’re not bent out of shape.

Don’t forget to feedback on Facebook how you’re celebrating the spring equinox Stargazer!

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