Have A Very Merry Retrograde!

Hi Stargazers!

In the video above I offer my best advice for the next Mercury Retrograde, which falls over Christmas…

Here are the dates you need to know…

  • DECEMBER 1st – Mercury enters its ‘shadow’, issues from this period will come up for RE-examination during REtrograde.
  • DECEMBER 19th – Mercury appears Retrograde (through to January 8th).
  • JANUARY 8th – Mercury appears Direct, clearing his retrograde path
  • JANUARY 28th – Mercury moves past the point that he started to back track, and we’re home clear!

So just a reminder, Mercury rules:

– communication
– commerce and
– networking.

Mercury Retrograde (a.k.a. MRx) is a time that everything’s going twice as fast. It’s simply an optical illusion but its cycle has some sway human behaviour – science buffs be damned!


1. Post & Packages

Get in Early at the Post Office if you want cards and parcels to arrive unscathed…

Add tracking and insurance on those items you don’t want to see get lost in the ether.

2. Shopping & Commerce Could be Crazy!

Avoid buying phones, computers, appliances and gadgets as presents, because a retrograde period might create a refund scenario, what a drag. Avoid buying phones, computers, appliances and gadgets as presents, because a retrograde period might create a refund scenario, and that just a but of a drag.

3. Check Travel Details Thrice!

Mercury rules over travel, especially short trips. The holidays are busy at the best of times so be on to of your arrangements. Store the details of trips, events and parties in a couple of places.

4. Be Extra Organized In Your Plans & Communications

With such a lot of parties and commerce at this busy time of year it could get a little crazy. Offices get heated at this time of the year, don’t succumb to MRx drama! Slow down your emails, calls and communication, during Mercury Retrograde it always pays to double check who the recipient is or scan for errors.

5. Rest & Recoup

Take it SLOW during Mercury Retro!

Mercury’s going to really serve us over the coming weeks in getting some HUGE clarity on our thinking in this area. And as always you can consider MRx a great time to REST AND RECUPERATE.

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Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to screw things up for us.

This Mercury retrograde appears in Capricorn, hashing over an area of the zodiac which has recently been run ragged, first with a meeting of Mars and Pluto (October 20th), then with Venus and Pluto.

With a Mercury Retrograde certain things come up for review and revision, so if there’s been a significant issues in your midst lately then by mid January you could find you have a much clearer head…

How will you make the most of your Mercury Retro?! Scroll down to leave a comment…

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