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Soft And Sumptuous? Take The Taurus Texture Test…

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Taurus Fashion, It’s All About Texture…

TAURUS FASHION – Must Pass The Texture Test…

Taurus fashion is all about texture.

You’ll notice your Taurus friend is particularly attuned to their senses – they want drop dead gorgeous fragrances filling the air, beautiful touches around the home and the tastiest food, whetting their appetite…

Only the finest fabrics will do, comfort is key to this senses-driven sign.

Go shopping with a Taurus and find them fingering the fabrics – sumptuous and delightfully soft or super cosy.


Taurus Models… So suit soft and cosy…

The sign of the Bull is fixed in the material reals of the world, and using her senses to guide them they’re drawn to the finest wine, visuals and a comfy cusion or two to park their derrière!

The Taurus mantra is ‘I have’, and because they understand possessions, things and money too – they can sniff out the best – cashmere and cash! Taurus loves money too…


Their feelings aren’t born out of greed though, no this sign is security focussed. Surrounding themselves with little luxuries makes them feel everything’s alright, that they can relax, and plant their feet firmly in the ground for a little while.

Fashion advice for Taurus?

Stick to your senses and buy the best you can afford… Luxe suits you so!

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