Traditional horoscopes focus on a person’s Sun sign – that’s the star sign you’ll find in newspapers or online, which relates to where the Sun was when you were born.

But did you know that all the heavenly bodies in our solar system have an effect on our personality?

Here you’ll find an overview of the planets in astrology, and their meaning in your natal chart. Select a particular planet to read more and enjoy learning about the zodiac with Star Sign Studies!

Heavenly Bodies…

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all personal planets, they’re known as highly influential on our character and motivations.

The ‘outer planets’ or ‘generational planets’ are slow moving, so a collective generation will all have the same zodiac sign of these planets, although in very different placements in their birth chart.

neptune-in-astrology pluto-planets-astrology juno-vesta-ceres-pallas
The planet of illusion, dreams and disillusion, Neptune can idealise or create a sense of longing where it appears in our charts. It also represents spiritual awareness but also deception. It is visionary, gentle and the self-sacrificing saviour. It is also linked to escapism, transcendence, fantasy and mysticism, and also addiction, be it alcohol, drugs or slipping into the abyss. Read Neptune In Astrology – It’s Where You’re Longing Pluto is a small but powerful planet that represents purging, psychoanalysis of the unconscious mind and transformation of rotten feelings, like jealousy, into more positive energies. It is linked to birth, death and rebirth, and is intense, obsessive and perceptive. In our chart it can show us where we’re likely to feel violated, then empowered through transformation. Read Pluto In Astrology – It’s Where You Can Transform They’re on a par with Pluto because the asteroids are just as big, and so, just as important. You might not have heard of Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta but they’re important feminine energies to explore in the birth chart and can show where we’ve hidden genius, a nurturing capacity (like the moon), they even point to marriage as significant indicators of who we’ll be attracted to – exciting to explore in Synastry! Read The Asteroid Goddesses In Astrology…


Watch this amazing short science animation about our Solar System to better understand the cosmos…

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