Bright Summer Sun – There’s Nothing Better!


It’s the star at the centre of our solar system and universe, but what’s the meaning of the Sun in astrology?

Without the Sun we wouldn’t be here. It keeps us warm and helps life to grow on our little planet.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has observed this giant light with wonder and awe, attributing qualities of great importance to the sight of it in the sky.

Hotly anticipating its rising every morning, tribes of man knew its patterns, rising and setting, were super important. The seasons helping crops to grow and so on.

The Sun is masculine, in contrast to the feminine Moon.

It can represent the father or grandfather, or masculine principles in the chart. Like Leo, the Sun rules the heart and it represents where the essence of our journey and experience lies. It is our purpose and represents who we are as people.

The Sun reflects our guiding principles and our life’s philosophies, so the constellation the Sun is transiting reflects what we want to do, possibly even for a living.

Leo’s Ruler…


Each constellation is ‘ruled’ by a heavenly body, which astrologers called planets. So although the Sun is a star we refer to it in the same context as the planets. Leo’s ruler is the Sun – both have connotations of being the ‘King’ and main ruler. Both are masculine and are linked to the heart. Both draw attention and are warm and ‘sunny’!
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