Looking at all the men’s style of the zodiac, what can we tell about Mr Virgo?

The sixth sign of routine, work and service, the typical Virgoan male will love to help you out with those little chores – he’ll love to have a tinker under the hood of your bonnet or trim your bush in the garden!

The Virgo Man Fashion Style

Robert Redford – Venus, Mercury, Moon And Neptune In Virgo (Pisces Rising) 

Particularly particular, the Virgo mans dress reflects his orderly perfectionism, yet totally disorderly style – in other words, Mr Virgo can be fastidious to a fault about some things and let others slide…

On the one hand he has everything just so, yet just out of reach is chaos and clutter. He can be a total fusspot and critique you for sloppy dressing, however he’s the number one culprit for slovenliness. Swinging between neat and tidy and utterly well worn, his clothes are usually practical and he really suits greasy and earthy tones. He’ll drag himself about in old clothes, then spring spruce himself up in a heartbeat.

Quite often he’ll be health conscious (also known as a fussy eater!) He loves socks like he likes stationary – lots!

My star Virgo man is Keanu Reeves, a lovely example of the Virgoan man with Sun, Mercury and Virgo Rising, all expressing the qualities of the Maiden of harvest-time.

Interestingly, Keanu has almost equal parts Cancer, with Mars, Moon and Venus in the sign of the Crab, however his Gemini Midheaven adds to the Mercurial, Mutable feel of his chart so we’ll see him as our Virgo hero!

Famous Virgo Men

virgo-keanu-reeves  virgo-sean-connery  virgo-idrid-elba

☆ Keanu Reeves ☆ Sean Connery ☆ Idris Elba ☆ Adam Sandler ☆

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