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Some of the most notorious names in fashion are born under the Virgo zodiac sign, including Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford and Stella McCartney.

This sign lends itself perfectly to the the design profession, possibly because perfectionist Virgo has an incredible and astute ability to be totally meticulous in their work. This helps them in their craft no end, as you need to be a precise and careful craftsman as a designer.

Virgo too is the sign of service and daily ritual and routine. These people like to be busy, so being a designer of any sort, like an architect, is spot on.


Perfectionist Virgo Produces Print Perfection – Stella McCartney At Paris Fashion Week, SS12


Immaculate Collections… Tom Ford

Being neat and orderly comes naturally, but this bunch are far from square! In fact they’re one of the coolest signs of the zodiac (after Aquarius) so have bags of street cred too…

Virtuous Virgo Fashion Designers

☆ Tom Ford 27th August 1961 ☆Roland Mouret 27th August 1961 ☆ Gareth Pugh 31st August 1981 ☆ Elsa Schiaparelli 10th September 1890 ☆ Karl Lagerfeld 10th September 1933 ☆ Stella McCartney 13th September 1971 ☆ Zandra Rhodes 19th September 1940 ☆

Watch two top Virgo designers: Behind the Seams, Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld Talk Shop…

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