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Virgo New Moon Horoscope

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Virgo New Moon Horoscope

Where does the new moon fall in your horoscope? What to wish for, below…

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Aries or Aries Rising


It’s a new moon, so the energy in the cosmos is still and quiet.

Everything is dark and hidden, yet your horoscope is packed in the busiest area, meaning you might be low on energy but super in demand.

Momentum has gathered over the last twelve months in this, the area of service, health and wellness.

This new month allows you to pause and reflect on progress of the last year where diet, exercise, routine and rituals have been concerned.

Aries is given final push at improving in this area, taking your learnings and amplifying them moving forwards.

Yes, you’ve been a busy, hectic little bee. Now what would make day-to-day living a little easier?

Virgo Vibes are present in heath, diet, wellness, ritual and routine, so wear Virgo colors, print and pattern at the gym.

Taurus or Taurus Rising


The new month and new moon are the perfect opportunity to review your creative passions, Taurus.

This past year, Jupiter has boosted your romantic inclinations, bringing you an exciting hobby or interest – perhaps a love interest!

Take stock of how this has worked out for you and now make a list on how to carry the best bits forward.

You’ve had lots of fun had this year and displayed abundant creativity. Ask yourself, what would you like to do next?

Give yourself some solid goals, you’ll reach them.

Virgo Vibes are present in your love life, so wear chocolate tones set against maroon – two sultry power colors for luck and extra kisses!

Gemini or Gemini Rising


Home has been centre, front and forward in your mind, Gemini.

You might have moved in the past twelve months or even totally relocated, grown your home a little bigger or added to the brood.

Today I’d like you to think about the good in your domestic set up and carry those things forward in the next six months.

You can even wish for more and new beginnings where your living space is concerned.

Virgo Vibes are present in your home and domestic settings, so give it a good fresh clean for extra powers of rejuvenation. Tea tree is an invigorating, clean antiseptic.

Cancer or Cancer Rising


Begin the month with a fresh look at your close network and imagine the future possibilities, Cancer.

Your local connections and inner circle has offered you opportunities this past year, which has served to restructure your work methods, and you’re perhaps more disciplined around your daily routine.

Virgo Vibes are present in your thinking and communication. Don’t be critical dear Cancer, do be precise in saving information…

Leo or Leo Rising


Leo needs the resources to match their taste for the finer things.

With this new moon comes the opportunity for fresh thinking around finances. Would you like to see your bank balance grow? Time to bring about order and tidy the accounts.

Virgo Vibes are present in your money, resources and personal possessions. Carry a purse with neat patterns and embroidery.

Virgo or Virgo Rising


A new moon in YOUR sign is like your very own new year!

It’s been a stellar twelve months for Virgo, broadening your horizons and partaking in many adventures.

You can now make powerful resolutions for the coming six months, counting on your personal creativity.

Virgo Vibes are present in your physical self, YOU! Your best shades are the earthy tones of fall. Wear a fresh, clean, natural look, reflecting sincere intentions.

Libra or Libra Rising


With a new moon, new calendar month and the arrival of luck in your sign there’s so many opportunities of a fresh start for Libra

Be sure to list your good intentions for the next year and beyond, starting off on the right foot with wishes around a promising venture that’s right in front of you.

Virgo Vibes are present in your dreams and healing faculties. Meditate in health oriented sage or a peaceful cornfield hue.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising


Friends and a special group have pulled through for you this year, Scorpio.

Honor them with thanks and look to the future with them by your side.

Virgo Vibes are present in your friendship group. Wear the changing colors of harvest when you’re looking to be at one in a crowd.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising


Who gets to have a public makeover? Sagittarius!

With a fresh new moon comes the chance to set an new agenda in the way the world sees you. This is an amazing time to introduce a whole new look. Call on friends for inspiration and go for an organized, chic and neatly orderly style

This shows the world you mean business – you’ve got the professional look pinned.

Virgo Vibes are present in your public face. Go prim and proper – you’re the wardrobe mistress of the zodiac!

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising


The Capricorn’s of our zodiac have been on quite a journey, with Jupiter in Virgo passing though the ‘higher education’ sector of the horoscope.

They’ve learnt significant lessons and elevated their thinking and beliefs.

Now gather your notes, set a personal agenda for the next six months, carrying all the know-how to enrich your spiritual experience even further.

Climb to the highest heights Cappy!

Deepen your beliefs around this personal adventure, look how far you’ve come on your journey.

Virgo Vibes are present in the Capricornian philosophy and powers of thought, your travel and adventure.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising


Aquarians have been rigorously sorting out finances and receiving support from their partners.

It’s been a good time to investigate behind the scenes, transform privately and stabilising within relationships.

Trust has been key.

What else does Aquarius need moving forward? Carry on with the best that’s been achieved this year and you’ll move forward in even greater ways.

Virgo Vibes are present in intimate areas. Trim and make everything neat and tidy..!

Pisces and Pisces Rising


It’s wonderful to note how Pisces have been getting engaged, and taking their relationships more seriously.

Perhaps you know a Pisces who’s focussed on their seventh house matters – collaboration and sharing their life with a significant other.

It’s not just wedding bells that have been ringing but business partnerships have commenced and generally the fish have been buddying up.

On this new moon they can make personal vows to move forward in sweet harmony.

Bring the best of a partnership forward into the future!

Virgo Vibes are present in your powers of collaboration, your relationships with others. Wear a pure cream promoting harmony in your partnerships or a print pattern out on date night…

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