keep your cool mercury retrograde

How To: Keep Your Cool This Mercury Retrograde

Ready to Retrograde?

You best be!

Mercury does an about turn in the sky three to four times a year, so there’s no escaping the havoc he wreaks in the universe.

However, is it really that bad?

Maybe, for some. Gemini and Virgo folk yes, but for most of us we get by with just a bump or scratch here or there (preferably the iPhone, not us!) And isn’t it interesting that tech company Apple are at the centre of the news today?

Affected Areas

Note that travel, communications, networks and such can be affected, and all related:

Advertising, Sales, Publishing, Technology, Commerce, PR, Emails, Speech, Mobile Phones, Postage, Traffic, Cars, Highways, Information Highways – the Internet! You name it, it needs double-checking…

Read more about how messenger Mercury rules thinking, speech, communication, technology, and transportation, here.

Now For My Astro Advice…

Rethink matters.

Nobody’s perfect, not even Virgo. With Mercury Retrograde we can rethink the finer details of our plans and reorder our structures. Review, reassess and rearrange.


Mercury buys us more time so we can revisit old relationships and catch up with friends. With Mercury retrograde in an earth sign plan in some calls.

Rest and Recuperate.

If Mercury Retro does send you loopy then indulge in some R&R. With a new moon in Virgo on September 1st energy will be LOW. This is a great time to detox and let go of shiz.

Check out these shoes for Mercury Retrograde!

If all else fails, here is your MANTRA, because after all, it’s only from our perception here on earth that Mercury appears to be moving backwards… Repeat after me:

“It’s just an illusion, it’s just an illusion…”

Mercury Retrograde, 2016

April 28th to May 22nd 2016 Mercury Retrograde in Taurus
August 30th to September 22nd 2016 Mercury Retrograde in Virgo…
19 December 2016 to 8 January 2017 Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn…

A Word Of Advice – For Your Sign…



MRx in your sixth house of health, wellness and productivity. You might have to revisit certain tasks or go over some of the tiny details you thought were wrapped up…



MRx in your fifth house of passion, creativity and romance. Life’s been running at fever pitch for some time Taurus – a hot interest has kept you captivated and now you might have to revise or refine the details…



MRx in your fourth house of home. Use the coming weeks to ensure household matters are thoroughly reviewed if not totally scrutinized! Your planetary ruler Mercury appears retrograde in your domestic sector so keep on top of matters that will soon be finalized…



MRx in your third house of communication – ensure that all the connections you’ve made recently are firmly in the address book. That your computer or phone is backed up. That all-important numbers are saved and stored…



MRx in your second house of money, earnings and self-worth. Keep an eye on your pocket book Leo! Don’t loose your possessions or your head.



MRx in your first house of self. Review your personal projects, ensuring everything is just as you’d like, meeting your exacting standards…



MRx in your twelfth house of escape… Refine your plans before all eyes settle on you for Libra season and your birthday month. Rethink the finer details of your dreams…



MRx in your eleventh house of groups and friendships. Revisit the heady days of summer with the best of times promised among your crowd, don’t mislay the details of where you’re meeting…



MRx in your tenth house of public honours and achievement. Career matters can be confusing as Mercury Retros through your fame area and throws spanners in your work! Check communication that’s shared on a very public platform…



MRx in your ninth house of travel – see out your personal adventure,  wrap up the tiny details and ensure you’ve committed to memory all the lessons on offer. Revisit and revise any important lessons from the past year…



MRx in your eighth house of trust, power, legalities and taxes. Ensure your bills are up to date and that paperwork is revisited…



MRx in your seventh house of relationships – rethink your wedding plans and get the date just right before booking the venue!

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