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April 16th – 22nd

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April 16th – 22nd, 2017

There’s harmony in the skies early in the week – Venus aligns with Mars on Monday, which is excellent for personal relations, and on the same day, Saturn aligns with the sun, emphasizing pride and discipline in our personal ventures.

Despite lots of favourable action, the ingredients don’t mix so well together, and by Friday a strong, disciplined approach creates tension. We’ve all had a touch of heartache lately, and by Saturday these sensitive notions need some TLC. Thankfully, the moon meets Neptune and joins Venus in Pisces, so dive into the senses and use all the therapeutic tools at your disposal.

Mercury is presently retrograde so be extra wary of words spoken in haste.

Aries or Aries Rising

You’ve been working out past hurts behind the scenes and now it’s time to let go – taking practical action early in the week helps you rise above the most painful notions.

Personal expansion is supported, however it doesn’t quite sit well with all you’re tackling, and on Friday, something’s got to give. You’re well equipped to tackle practical matters, yet personal issues might need refining. Allow your drives to steer you towards your closest circle – be curious, learn and explore. Connect and talk it out.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

It’s a great time to dig deep and really get to work behind closed doors – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rethink and refine, however you’re pushed to reveal your hand, and shine from Wednesday.

Friendships have featured significantly this month and you’re now in a far more enlightened position within your crowd. Monday is a choice day to assert yourself, while Friday could raise concerns that you’re lacking group support – soothe any angst by getting together with your squad over the weekend.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

There’s a unity about your key partnerships early in the week and a supportive group dynamic, however the harmony in personal relations doesn’t necessarily extend towards your outward position. There’s a tension around certain exchanges – particularly on Friday – and this might not elevate how you’re seen at large. Think about how you want to come across over the weekend.

Thursday provides an opportune moment for deep reflection, before your thoughts turn fully towards friendships – you might be inclined to retrace very recent, significant interactions.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Work matters progress nicely on Monday and you could really get into your stride. However fulfilling your day-to-day duties creates tension elsewhere; powerful realizations have surfaced this month, and as Friday presents a busy pace you’re urged to take time out on Saturday to tune into broader dreams.

Community becomes a prominent focus on Wednesday – an area that already holds momentum with you. Despite attending to matters around your public role you could be inclined towards passivity, aligning your interests more seamlessly with the group.

Leo or Leo Rising

The week begins with support; there’s the capacity to get ahead when you harness your hard-won efforts – make a bold statement about your intentions and you’ll be heard – out of your struggle blossoms wonderful achievement.

There’s a shift on Wednesday as your focus turns from learning the ropes to stepping into a more authoritative position; embrace your place in the world – there’s still some promoting to do, and that’s something you can revisit from Thursday.

Friday might trigger frustrations; spend Saturday contemplating intimate issues.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

There’s support available on Monday – perhaps offered by the sanctity of home or your closest comrades – they’ll provide great stability towards private matters. On Thursday your focus is fully directed towards this intimate notion for further investigation; simultaneously, helpful insight can be delivered around your journey that’s now clearly in view.

Recent exchanges might have come close to the bone; this week you still might still find it hard to satiate your needs. If Friday proves challenging spend the weekend together to increase the good feelings.

Libra or Libra Rising

The week begins well; conversations are constructive and exchanges run far more smoothly than they have in weeks gone by. You’ll begin exploring a private matter more openly – there’s still more research to be done, it will take time, however you can pursue your investigation.

Friday is the one to watch. A tough situation from a couple of weeks ago can play out, though it’s now on its way to resolution. Adventure and optimism breeze in Friday, clearing the path ahead.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

Your tenacity and discipline pays off early in week, as others see how well you’re performing in your current role; you’re given food for thought, which will keep you busy chewing on in weeks to come.

There’s sunshine after the rain in matters of the heart right now – there might have been some tensions lately that didn’t feel so great, however relationships are steered into deeper territory. There are still boundaries to emphasize and Friday’s full of tension but you’re rewarded with romance on Saturday.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Your foundations and work align beautifully on Monday, however the authoritative position you’ve grown into these past couple of years might create tension at home or within the family folds.

Your domestic setup is highlighted throughout April, with some pretty significant items on the table – the tension peaks on Friday, while the weekend presents gorgeous opportunities to rest in your nest, recuperating from any setbacks.

A busy spell commences Wednesday, and relationships are set to become more dynamic in the weeks ahead, too.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

There’s progress at home early in the week, as your steady efforts pay off. There’s an excellent rapport in your exchanges too! Conversations might be a little hard, yet they can go well for you, especially around matters of the heart. Don’t doubt your progress, Capricorn.

There’s still some ironing out to be done across domestic matters, which you can revisit from Thursday but remember to have fun! Wednesday welcomes in a pleasure phase so be sure to embrace the things that feel good to you.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Your community supports you early in the week, so stay connected and among friends. It’s also a time to steer focus towards domestic issues, which presently have a steady momentum – you’ve a clearer idea of your position now and can now forge ahead, though recent realizations might have left you feeling shortchanged. Try not to have great expectations, especially on Friday when the sensation repeats itself.

You’re entering a time of stamina and passion; enter the weekend with renewed enthusiasm, welcoming fun and pleasure into your heart.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Your role and how you’re compensated has been a hot topic lately; early in the week there’ll be support and possibly clarity around how you progress from here, though the matter’s not totally settled. From Thursday you’ll be prompted to revisit the surrounding practicalities – take a second look at finances, saving and income.

It’s easier to focus on connection and community from Wednesday, there are still some rough spots to navigate – namely Friday – treat yourself with care and make Saturday in particular all about you, indulge.

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