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Weekly Horoscope: December 10th – 17th

Waning Moon Phase Week…


December 10th – 17th, 2017


Deeper and deeper and further I go… This is your *Madonna*esque* mantra this week Aries love, as your ruler Mars is now in the most private and secluded spot in your horoscope. Unions, bonds and mergers become intensely prevalent, as you focus on the growth between you and a partner, or turn your attention towards power dynamics, which now dominate.

It’s also a time of expanded horizons, as the sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn occupy your adventurous zone of travel, education and broadcasting. You’re now witness to the finale of a three-year stint of tightening up your connection to knowledge. This might literally have been a cycle of learning, Aries or you might have developed a strong sense of a personal message you’re keen to share. Be sure to revise this personal outlook now, stepping fully into your wisdom.


You’ve endured a three-year stint in mastering close personal bonds, and now fare better in comprehending the deepest facets of relationships, Taurus. Whether you’re attached or single, in recent times you’ll have come so far in your understanding of unions, and the stars are presently ensuring you’ve done your homework. Dot the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’. Both Wednesday and Friday are particularly significant days to affirm what you now know to be true in the powerful dynamics attached to exchanges across love, business, and even key friendships.

It’s time to embrace adventures with another; make plans or set sail on the 14th, by the weekend you’re in an incredible position to contemplate the future of important partnerships, though you’ll carry forth the finer details and plans well into the new year…


Significant partners in love, business, friendship or family dominate this week, as you navigate relationship dynamics and your place within a team of two. Others may seem particularly charming and light the way, however with your ruler – Mercury – presently retrograde, a pause is valuable – and needed in exchanges. Misunderstandings can easily occur Twinstar, yet focus on how far you’ve come, setting boundaries and respecting individuals unique place in your world.

You’re in a busy cycle for work but should be feeling energized this week, with a boost to your resolve in keeping an orderly schedule. This is a fantastic time to revisit a fitness regime, coming across as someone who has it all together – despite any minor confusion in conversation! Friday is a gorgeous time to talk about love or money with key persons, while Friday and Saturday are particularly sociable!


It’s a busy week and it’s likely your schedule is packed full of work matters that you’re pressed to pursue before the year is out. Focus on those day-to-day duties and the routine you’ve established – particularly over the past three years, Cancer. It’s likely you’ve changed the way you help others, and, are supported by those around you. Delegate.

Soon you’ll be ready to reset the agenda, and bring clarity and focus to your role. But first, shine in your position and let your reputation precede you. It’s likely your efforts will be recognized towards the weekend, or you’ll have reason to feel even more validated about the path that lies ahead.


Passions or romantic interests might run high this week, Leo, as you’re fully focussed on enjoying all that brings you pleasure! Your hobbies are centre stage now, and you’re compelled to practice healthy self-expression around the people or pastimes that make your heart race faster. With Mercury retrograde in the most fun area of your horoscope be sure that you’re mindful in the pursuit of happiness.

Home is also the beneficiary of your energy now, and the flourishing foundations beneath you can receive your attention too. Be sure to hunker down on the 14th and 15th, when you’re particularly connected to your roots. This is a great couple of days for self care, focusing on food, nurture and your emotional growth.


Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in your home zone now Virgo, yet there’s a gorgeous sense of family to enjoy and a deep-seated security that can be accessed, too. You’ve been on quite a journey over the past three years, re-establishing your roots (home, not hair), bringing definition to how you ground yourself within your sanctuary.

Take a moment to acknowledge your foundations mid-week, appreciating all that’s underfoot – from the physical sensation of comfort to those that make you feel at ease. You’ve more energy for close friends and your inner circle now, and relationships presently mean the world. Soon you’ll be able to re-affirm your intentions for home, in the meantime connect with those you trust to discuss, especially on the 14th.


It’s all about your sense of connection, Libra, however the week opens on an elusive note, with your purpose seemingly hard to grasp. You’ve established yourself in a significant position to learn and build your skills, with improved structures around your ties to others and how you relate. This has been an ongoing process – a three-year slog, which is now coming to conclusion.

Your impetus to show your effectiveness in your role is strong this week, at times distracting you from your social relations. It’s a week to balance both your flourishing work duties – growing confident in your efforts – with how you communicate and relay information to others. You have ultimate charm on Friday so hone your message mid-week.


Someone’s got their mojo back – hint, hint, Scorpio – it’s you! Your planetary ruler, ardent Mars is now at home in your sign and so you’re firing on all cylinders. Allow your adventure to flourish, as you enjoy the vitality that’s now on offer. You’ll be ready to come out to play from Thursday the 14th, with a confidence boosting mood seeing you through the weekend.

Your work and position is also greatly emphasised this week; though things aren’t 100% finalised they’re certainly slotting nicely into place. The progress you’ve made around your income and practical plans is coming to a solid place, and you can feel at liberty to enjoy and acknowledge all you’ve endured to establish yourself. Stand proud in your chosen role, Scorpio.


It’s a week for spontaneous fun and to speak freely, Sagittarius! However with Mercury retrograde in your sign be sure that anything you say can be taken with a pinch of salt, or changed at a later date… It’s a wonderful time to acknowledge the sense of responsibility that you’ve established over the past few years. You’ve stepped into a more mature and authoritative position, which you can now express through your creativity, hobbies and romantic interests.

A lot is shifting behind the scenes too, and you’ll want to lay low towards the end of the working week, as you’re particular tuned into the process you’re now undergoing. The weekend of the 16th is all about you, however Sagg, so be sure to step out and own your birthday stage!


Say “Yes” to surrender and reach out to your wider community this week Capricorn. It’s time to settle into the shift as planets huddle in your closure zone, hunkering down ‘till December 20th when you can begin to come out of hiding. Focus on healing and letting go, especially on those personal issues connected to home, family or your sense of stability. You can initiate changes easily now, as your private efforts have an instantaneous effect on your emotional equilibrium.

You can rely on compassionate friends that are near and far, with your peer group presently in focus. Reach out for support as needs be; social activities and high-energy pursuits within your circle are easily tapped into now! Gravitate towards a crowd on Thursday and Friday, but reserve the weekend for a quiet, serene pause. Contemplate.


Opportunities to connect with others are plentiful this week, particularly among co-workers, within your social scene or chosen community. You may have totally redefined friendship circles over the past three years, creating a structure that’s presently on your mind… Your group continues to play a significant part this week, as you stand among peers and assess your surroundings. You can be heard by your network now Aquarius, so choose your message carefully.

It’s also a valuable time to contemplate your long-held dreams. Your professional path is presently blossoming yet there’s an emotional charge around your reputation this week, and you could find you’re stepping up as spokesperson for your clan. If you do feel there’s something lacking around your income or role get ready to refresh your intentions for goals that are true to you.


Razzle dazzle ‘em, Pisces. This week you’re made famous by a stellar line-up of planets that put your name in lights! Though it might feel uncomfortable volunteering yourself in the spotlight, it’s your moment to shimmer and shine. You’ve taken on more responsibility over the past three years, and now is a terrific time to cast your eye back over all that’s been accomplished; demonstrate your authority and expertise.

There’s could be a sense of ease around new opportunities for work or income, with plenty of space to voice what you’re most proud of. Your sense of adventure is kicking in too, and it could be time to take action towards the next leg of your journey. A travel or educational plan is calling, so take positive action this week!

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