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Weekly Horoscope: January 14th – 20th – New Moon Moment…

New Moon Week…


January 14th – 20th, 2018


Allow career goals to come into focus and think about the path you wish to follow, Aries. Your public reputation and the impression you make in the world are on your radar between now and Wednesday, with a new moon delivering all you need to begin again in the right direction. Imagine how you want to come across and your strategies for the professional impression you’d most like to make.

You can totally step up to the plate in the next three years – but you’ll also learn your limits in your chosen sphere. It’s up to you how you strategize and climb your chosen ladder, putting all you’ve learnt into practice. You’re at the start of an important journey for work matters, so dream big. Towards the weekend you’re in an ideal position to network, so gather towards your tribe; community matters.


It’s a fine time to build your knowledge, and turn towards an education, Taurus – what would you like to learn? How can you broaden your horizons and expand you worldview? It’s an exceptional time to embark on an exciting journey, a partner can help you establish your goals, too.

Allow yourself to step into an adventurous spirit and be sure to polish up a strategy around your plans. Things tend to go better with a sense of direction, so draw up a list to help you build your dreams. Include foreign connections or teachers that might help you reach your desired destination. This might be an entrepreneurial venture that’s now beginning or in the works. Towards the weekend you’ll need to step up into a role of recognition but before then visualize hard.


As the week opens you’ve a plethora of planets in the most private area of your horoscope, Gemini. Contemplate matters reserved for the most intimate partnerships and trusted friends – financial matters including your taxes, loans, debts, inheritance, investments and savings. Property too.

A new moon in your power zone puts emphasis on the interests on shared resources (money, space and sexual gratification), making it an awesome time for you to claim what’s rightfully yours. Over the next three years you’re in an excellent position to balance the books, and decide how best to allocate your time, energy and money. Think of ideal ways to spend it. Adventure calls towards the weekend!


Wednesday’s new moon in Capricorn allows you to start again in relationships of every kind, from love partnerships to friendships, client relations or even in significant exchanges with a therapist or business mentor. Seize the opportunity between now and then to strategize the boundaries with people that feature in your world, Cancer babe.

The next three years will totally transform the way you interact with others – this could even mean the family of bae or other people who you feel push your buttons. By the end of the week you’ll be in a far better position to truly commit and cement loving bonds…


You have the most incredible opportunity to refresh your goals and aspirations around health, wellness and your routine now, Leo. Wednesday’s new moon falls in your health and service zone, so there could be a new beginning for work or the way you operate. Think about how you look after yourself and how you align your schedule. Take time to consider your best life, and how to achieve that in practical terms.

It’s a great time to plan your agenda for the next six months and beyond, using detail and organized precision. Your wellbeing is important and over the coming years you might be able to transform your day job or make simple adjustments that make all the difference. Focus. Towards the weekend your attention will be on relationships; partnerships are set to become your primary focus…


It’s a passionate time for Virgo and a wonderful time to think about what you’d like to create. Over the next three years you’ll be taking your interests more seriously – from your artistic or creative talents, to creating a baby or enhancing your relationship with your children; it could also be that you’re now taking your love life or approach to romance more seriously.

Think about how you’d most like to develop your sense of self-expression, how you’d like to create something meaningful in the world that brings you pleasure and makes your heart sing. You’re at the beginning of a steady journey, and in three years time you’ll be far evolved from your present start-point, so imagine the possibilities – and what really brings you a sense of authentic joy and heart-felt LOVE.


Your sense of security and home matters are influenced by the new moon on Wednesday, so as the week opens and unfolds consider your household or domestic goals, Libra. It’s a wonderful time to consider family values, and how you’d best like to develop strong emotional foundations – steady as a rock.

If you’re keen to become a mother or address your nurturing side, or if you’re dealing with parental issues, looking after a family member, it’s an excellent time to plan ahead. Think of your ideal outcomes for building stability and steadfast roots. Perhaps therapy is a way to tackle any lingering issues around close bonds… A fun, amorous cycle begins Thursday!


Wednesday’s new moon in your communication zone helps you reset your intentions and resolve around building your skills, your connection to learning, education and how you relate to your local environment. The time is right to pursue a course of study – and to take it seriously, Scorp.

The next three years might feel like a testing time for your ties to close friends, siblings and peers, however you can come out the other side with relationships established. Allow your curiosities to flourish and follow your intuition towards the things you enjoy. Into the weekend home or emotional ties will be on your radar.


Your job and income are in the spotlight early in the week, as you’re give license to focus on how you earn. Think about your ideal role in the world and how you might be compensated for it. Dream big, as over the next three years you’re likely to slowly but surely move in a powerful direction as far as work is concerned. It starts here, Sagittarius.

You can write a list of you goals – no matter how far out of reach they might seem. You might face a little financial hardship, however long-term your efforts will pay off. Think about savings and your personal contribution to your household or partnership. A friendly cycle kicks off towards the weekend so plan something with those closest for Saturday.


The wise elder of the zodiac, Capricorn is naturally the most mature of all the signs – and you could now be feeling your age! The sign of responsibility (Saturn) has moved into your sign for a three-year stint, bringing you extra tasks to handle and new challenges to overcome. You could be stepping into a position of authority or sense your outlook shifting into a natural leadership role.

It’s an outstanding time to consider personal goals and how you intend to climb the mountain, Capricorn. Your friends, colleagues or community can help but it’s up to you to verbalize your wishes. Step into your rightful role, and be ready to transform – even more magical SeaGoat.


Transition and transformation beckons, Aquarius – you’re in a mighty important stage to contemplate what you’d like to surrender, and how you can move on. A big chapter is closing so feel the shift and dive in! Old habits and patterns of behaviour are ripe for release so use the new moon on Wednesday to bring about change.

In three years time you’ll be taking on a lot more personal responsibility, so for now, decide what you need to do to ready yourself for a more mature outlook. Embrace closure and think about improving your spiritual connection too. Yes, you have a unique perspective on these matters – it’s a great time to hone concepts and ideals of universal law and the everything. Aquarius season is in full swing from Saturday, welcome your time in the spotlight putting your best face forward – you’re extra attractive from Thursday, as Venus glides into your sign for a spell of attention.


Your adventure is on Pisces, and your community is in a strong position to enhance your experience. Focus on what you’d ideally like from your network, be it further connections, support, or allies, fun social activities, or a tribe that brings you better prospects in the world. Remember your virtual or online links too!

Over the next three years your colleagues, co-workers or peer group will develop. You might become a significant player within your group, stepping up as a person of influence, or you might find friends are really there for you. Though change isn’t a given, you’ll be in a position of more authority among your crowd by the end of 2020, so consider the possibilities now. Towards the weekend it’ll be time to retreat for ‘me time’. Zone out on Saturday putting yourself first.

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