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Weekly Horoscope: January 7th – 13th – Focus With The Waning Moon…

Waning Moon Phase Week…


January 7th – 13th, 2018


No doubt you’re stepping up and into your rightful career now Aries, as the stars sparkle hard around your professional path. Your name could well be in lights, as the sun and Venus add a gorgeous glimmer to the impression you’re making in the world. Seize opportunities and make power moves asap.

Relationships are really heating up, too as your ruler – ardent Mars – sizzles in Scorpio alongside jubilant Jupiter. Garnering support from others is high on your agenda and compelling, as close bonds become super-glued with extra intensity.

Allow yourself to be indulged by others, Aries, you needn’t do everything by yourself… Towards the weekend reflect on how much you’ve learnt and how you plan to put it to good use.


Adventures are in full flow and your relationships are revving up nicely too, Taurus! You’ve embarked upon a journey, stepping closer towards knowledge; a powerful strand of wisdom is ready to be pursued by you! Key individuals are fanning the flames so allow yourself to be elevated by their warmth and enthusiasm.

This week might start off busy, but towards the weekend you’ll want to take time out with your BFF, lover-bae or a steadfast advisor. Give yourself a moments pause around all you hope to learn, in time, and all you hope to conquer.

You’ll need a long-term strategy in place but believe me, its totally, utterly do-able oh patient one.


It’s a compelling time to take a step closer towards seductive people and projects; the stars are aligned for powerful connections – both in the workplace and in your personal life, Gemini. You could find you’re keen to address financial or property issues and by the end of the week can reflect more and more on plans to merge with others.

You’ll have the gusto to perform in your routine tasks and could find you’re overly productive, packing your schedule full of excitement and action. Join forces with another and it’ll all seem more than manageable. Be mindful of social commitments on Saturday however, as you might need to have a serious talk instead of honoring a community engagement.


A certain someone might be getting the full force of your attention, Moonbabe, and boy are passions running high! The stars are drawing your focus towards key individuals that loom large in your world, and special exchanges are seeing to it that your imagination’s running wild…

Wednesday is particularly steamy – a good time to set aside for date night, or to indulge in the things you enjoy most. You’re presently reaping the benefits of a romantic cycle, which is really getting your creative juices flowing. Turning your hand to favored hobbies is a good way to work the energy out of your system, all the better if you can involve a plus one!


Lifestyle issues are top billing this week, as the stars shine brightly in your work, health and wellness zone. Are there some issues you need to address around your personal schedule, Leo? Do you need to restructure, reorganize or consider delegating duties to others? Perhaps it’s time to own a new position or tell others about the work you really do; it could be time to show how hard you’ve worked, putting a positive spin on your transformation.

Put the efforts in at home and feel supported – emotionally and literally nourished. Your roots are being metaphorically watered this year, and your nest is set to grow if you adopt green fingers. This week dig in, weeding and tending the flowerbeds.


Connections are blossoming at speed this week; the stars are aligned in your communication and passion zones delivering strong, enduring ties to all you love and adore. Express your affections with wild abandon, while maintaining your shrewd, earthy outlook, Virgo. Enthusiasm will run sky high this week so be aware of coming off as over-the-top or over zealous.

While an intense sense of self-expression is awesome it can also overwhelm; go easy on unsuspecting playmates, especially on Saturday. You’ll move beyond emotional matters that have been garnering your attention for some time, and allow full focus to turn towards your interests – creative, romantic et al.


There’s a huge emphasis on home and your role this week, Libra, as a line-up of planets sparkle in your nesting zone. You might well come across as a domestic goddess, as your astrological ruler – Venus meets the sun in the area of your horoscope assigned to household matters.

You could be feeling a lot more responsible around home and the role you undertake; really dig deep around your personal wishes for the foreseeable future – especially the part you play among those closest.

Energizing Mars and lucky Jupiter are boosting your personal income, so allow yourself space to assert yourself confidently. There’s no holding you back this week Libra!


xEnthusiasm runs high this week Scorpio. You can turn your focus towards the skills you’re accumulating, with a sense of momentum propelling projects and connections forward, fruitfully. From Thursday you enter a particularly positive cycle for study and camaraderie, so begin thinking what you’d most like to learn.

Monday is also one of the most powerful days of 2018 for you, and generally speaking this week is incredibly fortuitous to set wheels in motion around personal plans. If anything, be a little mindful of over penetrating or asserting yourself too urgently; you’re a powerful player, Scorpio and the force is strong within you now.

You’re guaranteed an adventure this year, so no need to add extra heat to an already sizzling assembly.


Efforts you’re making behind the scenes are having positive repercussions around your role this week, Sagittarius. Use your initiative to step back – it’s an excellent time to retreat and take action towards recouping your own sense of serenity, wellness and generally equilibrium. Personal issues take up less headspace after Thursday, as you think more practically about your plans for work and money.

You’re in an excellent cycle to consider your income, ruminating on financial contributions you can generate – now and in years to come. Give yourself quiet space to reflect on your earnings and how you’ll feel best supporting yourself – you could find you’re in a more powerful position than you realized, with plenty to feel confident about.


You’re thoroughly present in all your affairs this week, Capricorn, as Mercury finally enters your zodiac sign delivering a sense of connection to your door. For some time you’ve been processing privately, but this week you’re crossing a threshold that sees you fully owning your position of personal responsibility.

Friends, colleagues or community of peers feature strongly now, enhancing you sense of fun – say yes to social activities this week! It’s an auspicious time to align with your tribe, and to be seen in wider circles…

On Friday and into the weekend take time to contemplate the habits to leave behind in 2017, and your solo plans for the year ahead.


The planets are hanging back in the most clandestine area of your horoscope presently, Aquarius, which could be incredibly cathartic – or have you in hiding.

While professional goals are being met and even surpassed, it’s likely you’re keen on going off the grid, particularly from Thursday. Afford yourself the time and space you need to regroup. Your efforts are well spent on skipping along your career path bush tailed, and you can totally take the pressure off elsewhere.

Ruminate on what you’d like to surrender, the big shifts you’re looking to make. It’s a terrific time to embark on an overhaul, thinking about steady changes you can make under your own steam.


Your community, social scene, peer group or professional network feature strongly this week, Pisces, offering powerful alliances for your journey. It’s a marvelous time to embark on a very special journey, broadening your scope through education, travel, entrepreneurship or another venture that’s enhancing your worldview. It’s a compelling week to speak up about your plans!

Allow friends in your immediate and wider circle to share their influence with you, though don’t allow yourself to be dominated or engage in a power struggle. It’s an awesome time to build a strong tribe – teamwork is a key theme this week in particular and in the year ahead! Sidle up to strong characters that can really help you, and let your village support you taking flight!

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