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March 12th – 18th

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March 12th – 18th, 2017

The week opens with a potent and powerful full moon in Virgo (10.53 am EST, Sunday), a moment that’s coupled with the potential for a very serious exchange.

Thinking is lighter from Monday evening, however the same issue reverberates throughout the week, peaking in full force Friday. The tension stems from restrictions imposed on the way we think, act and dream – a true killjoy! Realistic rationale eases the way.

On Saturday we’re offered more clarity around our values – if you’re struggling with a romantic, financial or friendship issue the picture might become a little clearer, helping you realize what matters most – to you.

Aries or Aries Rising

Sunday provides a busy pace and the opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate or bring to fruition a work, health or service project that showcases your efforts.

This week prompts sober thinking (perhaps, where your dreams or vision’s concerned). Process information on your own terms; you’re promised increasing clarity as switched-on Mercury enters your sign on Monday, while Saturday the 18th puts charming delivery in your hands. A very personal issue that’s had you perplexed becomes apparent – talk your way around it with utmost grace.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

The full moon lights up the most passionate area of your horoscope, heightening affections and announcing love! However, with your ruler retrograde be sure to keep a clear head when the tides ride high. Mars in your sign gives you extra potency now, so find a productive way to work out all your energy.

Later in the week you could feel commitments are clipping your wings. Saturday brings extra awareness to all the deep emotions you’re processing now – listen up!

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Home draws the twins’ close over the weekend with the full moon illuminating the nest – spend Sunday with those you consider family. The next few weeks are low-key, as you recharge – give yourself chance to exhale busy bee, and conserve your energy for friends that pep you up!

You enter your most sociable phase from Monday, by Saturday you’ll gain insight and awareness around your group of peers. Others might try to rein in your ambitions this week, calling for firmer boundaries.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Information can come to light over the weekend that leaves you questioning your journey – but don’t discount the progress you’ve made. Though news delivered might seem to restrict your dreams it could be that your day-job or busy schedule won’t hamper your ability to travel, learn or fulfill your cherished vision.

You’ll be thinking ambitiously from Monday and by Saturday can gain real clarity on the way you’re presenting yourself at large; taking stock on this day helps you in weeks to come.

Leo or Leo Rising

The weekend might have felt extra special and rewarding, with the things you value most highlighted. You’ll enter the week refueled and ready to think broadly and positively, however, the days ahead could feel slightly deflating – no-one denies you’re a star but you may have to set aside your ego to work through some important matters on the table.

Friday may be particularly trying but show tolerance, compassion and understanding. On Saturday you’ll have reason to smile, with clarity around your exciting adventure.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

Take a pause on Sunday to review the past six months – something very personal worth celebrating is coming to fruition now. Seize your moment to shine, even if you’re not feeling positive or totally enthused.

You’ve worked hard to develop a sense of structure, which could now be proving restrictive rather than supportive, however this is fleeting. Perhaps there’s wisdom in the family folds that can benefit you, and your relationships. You’ll know more about a love situation or private affair on Saturday.

Libra or Libra Rising

Take it easy on Sunday morning! It’s a great time to exhale and gently allow thoughts to surface. Information or feelings could be roused and though you might want to be productive and get on with the day its time to pause.

It’ll be much easier to talk with significant others from Tuesday – partners across business, love and even a strong family connection; opening up will ease the tension. On Saturday the qualities you love and value in them are un-mistakable.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

The full moon puts your circle in full view, so spend Sunday being sociable or acknowledging your efforts in a group – reap the rewards of community-based projects – FYI, this is a time to enjoy! It’s all too easy to reign in the good times this week but don’t impose your usual self-control, you’ll miss out on all the fun.

It’s a productive time for you, and Saturday’s perfect for taking stock of day-to-day matters that have been keeping you busy – it’s set to continue.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Step into the spotlight in a professional or public capacity on Sunday – the full moon puts your name in lights and honors your achievements over the past six months – don’t downplay your successes or disciplined efforts! While it’s good to manage expectations you can draw satisfaction and security from your own reserves, if others aren’t so forthcoming.

It will be far easier to express yourself (and your affections) from Monday evening. Saturday can be passionate and enlightening – double your pleasure!

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Sunday offers reason to celebrate and permission to launch! Perhaps your venture’s now ripe and ready, or the broader picture’s clear. With your path illuminated it’s a choice day to make an announcement, however expressing exactly what you’d like could prove elusive.

In fact, communication could be trying all week – even if you mean well exchanges can be misinterpreted, so go a little slower and use due diligence to see you through. Saturday adds another dynamic to your home story.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

You’ll have a clear picture of resources and your closest relationships on Sunday – celebrate stronger, intimate bonds and what each of you brings to the table, or your progress towards a financial, legal or property goal.

Progressive Aquarius moves in ever expanding circles however you might find your social network deflating, especially on Friday. Don’t measure your ability to feel good by other people’s standards, and similarly, don’t impose your way in the world as the be all and end all.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Others are front of mind over the weekend – you might realize a sense of empowerment gained in a significant relationship. And yet, your newfound status might not prompt you to speak up. Or, perhaps it’s a reluctance to challenge someone in authority that’s creating tension.

Confidence may fluctuate, particularly Tuesday and Friday; you may feel restricted – even questioning your role – but you’ve all the tools to process the situation. Further clarity comes on Saturday when you’ll know exactly what you need to feel valued.

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