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Weekly Horoscope: November 12th – 18th, New Moon In Scorpio

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New Moon In Scorpio – Get Still And Go Deep…

This week flirty Venus connects with OTT Jupiter and dreamboat Neptune, and there’s a new moon in Scorpio! Scroll down for your personal horoscope and astrological timings…

Lovely Venus is currently gliding through Scorpio, like a seductive Siren in Vampish tones of crimson and berry… On Monday she get up close and personal with Jupiter, now on his journey through the scorpion’s sign… It’s well and truly *Scorpio season*, with this all-star line-up of the sun, Venus and Jupiter, and, on Thursday the moon joins in too – a scorpionic overload.

Note there’s so much scandal being unearthed in the press now – powerful figures being exposed and secrets and lies being blown open – a signature of Jupiter’s sojourn in Scorp.

Saturday’s new moon delivers a moment of still for us to quietly and consciously determine how (as a collective and individually) we want to direct this powerful energy in the months ahead. Jupiter will be emphasizing the themes and trademarks of Scorpio till November 2018 – sex, power dynamics and the darker side of life. It’s weighing heavily in our human consciousness, and our gift to re-package.

This week is an excellent time to purge, to shed the old snakeskin with the promise of rising again – the trademark of Scorpio, being able to regenerate with strength, like a phoenix from the ashes. Read 5 Beauty Rituals for the new moon in Scorpio, here.

Mercury in outspoken Sagittarius receives a boost from Mars on Friday, though be aware that words can come thick and fast on this outspoken day.

Astrological Events This Week In November (GMT)

Monday 13th – Venus meets Jupiter, moon into Libra (11.26 pm)

Thursday 16th – Venus aligns with Neptune, moon into Scorpio (8.19 am)

Friday 17th – Mercury aligns with Mars

Saturday 18th New Moon in Scorpio (11.42 am), moon into Sagittarius (6.59 pm)


November 12th – 18th, 2017


The Scorpio new moon emphasizes close bonds, contractual agreements, partnerships or private affairs that are in your midst, Aries. There’s a fresh start on offer around relationships now, and the week ahead draws your attention towards working with others, considering their needs (as well as yours) on a deep, intuitive level.

Think about the best outcomes for important unions, contemplating the gifts that can be delivered when you trust wholeheartedly. Friday could see you hasty, expressing yourself in a feisty exchange – it’s well worth pressing pause on this dynamic day. Reach for a matte red – or killer heels – instead.

Dress for intensity and intrigue, with a touch of enigmatic beauty.


Partnerships are big in your world right now Taurus, as your ruler Venus meets giant Jupiter on Monday in your zone of coupling up! This makes personal relationships priority number one, and the best bit is, you’re offered a re-fresh on how you operate in a dynamic duo. Saturday’s new moon is all about new beginnings for you and bae, or a trusted business collaborator, friend or significant other.

Conversations could get very deep, very quick on Friday, as progress you’re making at work sparks some interesting questions about trust and loyalty.

Add a touch of bridal lace to your wardrobe, to show your lover your intentions are true…


The heat is on. Talk about intensity overdrive Gemini – since mid-October it’s been pedal to the metal, as you’ve stepped up and into a busy cycle! There’s been no better time to address the tiny details of your schedule, as work-life, health, wellness and your exercise regime have been hotly in focus.

Refresh your resolve around these routine matters now, including your performance in your day job; see to it that personal productivity is where you want it to be: running like a well-oiled machine… On Friday, sparks could fly in love; passionate exchanges are easily roused…

Refresh your gym kit and step into new sportswear, if you haven’t already…


Creativity and artistic notions are stirring you Cancer – perhaps even the desire to produce something special you can call your own! You might be broody or considering a fun project now, know it can benefit from your full attention towards Saturday’s new moon…

Friday could be incredibly productive, as the stars align for home and work. Efforts made in your space could have an excellent knock on effect in other areas – such as your day job or in a general sense of accomplishment. A helpful supporter could appear, lending themselves to your efforts.

Saturday calls for an LBD, or any outfit that brings you joy and evokes a sense of pleasure.


What do you need to make a house feel like home, Leo? There’s a huge emphasis on self-care and your foundations this week, as Saturday’s new moon brings a fresh start for the ground and sense of support beneath you. Literally and metaphorically you’re now presented with the opportunity to grow stability and delve into the emotional realms of how you derive comfort from your surroundings. Factor in your closest relationships when you’re thinking about your ideal, too.

Self expression is remarkable easy on Friday, when you might feel compelled to assert yourself around those closest.

Add a vibrant touch to your look, though comfort comes first now.


Connection is heightened this week, Virgo, as the stars align favorably for your sociable side to soar. It’s a brilliant time to be curious – travel locally, gain new skills, or sign up to a course that’s roused your interest. You could find your sense of self-expression comes easily now, enhancing relations with your local community, neighbors, siblings or peers… Embrace a new chapter, Virgo!

On Friday the practical efforts you’re making have an emotional edge, so, if you’re thinking about finances or long-term saving you’ll be extra sensitive and aware of the security you’ve worked hard to build.

Ground your look with reddish earthy tones this week – a berry lip is divine.


There’s a great emphasis on your role, income and finances now Libra, as Scorpio season has prompted an investigative journey into the material realms of work and productivity. With the new moon you can refresh your intentions for money making, beginning again with resolve and positivity in your earning capacity. Have confidence, Libra! It’s a beautiful time to blossom in your position.

You’re also motivated to connect or speak to someone close, possibly asserting yourself in conversation or in a message. It’s easy to reach out but emotions are heightened now, so take your time.

Carry your favourite bag this week, reminding you of your many assets.


Saturday’s new moon in your zodiac sign brings about a true fresh start, Scorpio – it’s your personal new year! Hit the refresh button and set intentions. It’s likely new adventures are already in full flow, as bountiful Jupiter has begun a stint in your sign and is sitting pretty with lovely Venus now! Be sure to enjoy yourself, this week in particular…

Energizing Mars is hanging back in your zone of dreams and closure however, helping you heal from patterns past. You could be turning yourself towards practical matters towards Friday, be sure to go easy as you make personal arrangements.

Invest in you and your new journey with a bold new look.


Planets gather in your quiet area for closure and release, Sagittarius. You’ve been heading into a spell of contemplation since mid-October, and now is the best time to set intentions around the shifts you’d like to see.

Focus on growth behind the scenes, inner work that can be accomplished through surrender, compassion and by going deep. What needs to heal? Give yourself time and space this week to get true clarity. Friday presents a dynamic personal exchange among friends or colleagues but essentially it’s a wonderful week to step back and take time out – especially at home.

Dove gray, charcoal and steely blue helps you go offline…


Community and close connections are emphasized this week, as stars align in the social sectors of your horoscope, Capricorn. Come together – right now! Reach out towards those you’re most attracted to and embrace the group. There’s the potential for a fresh start among friends, as Saturday’s new moon resets the agenda in your communal zone; consider teamwork and initiatives that call on your fellows.

Be a little bit sensitive on Friday; your efforts in a public or worldly position are visible now, and intuition is high. Take a pause to think of the next right action.

Tune into current trends; it’s a fabulous time to be part of your tribe…


Since mid October you’ve been called into a position of visibility and prominence, Aquarius. The trend is set to continue in the year ahead and this week you can consider what you’d like your reputation to look like. How would you like to flourish in the world? Hone a vision for your career path.

You’ve been on a journey, which now propels you forward towards notoriety; consider your learnings but don’t boast! It’s easy to speak up among co-workers or within your peer group towards the weekend. Be sure that your volunteered enthusiasm is welcomed.

Investment pieces demonstrate your authority, and are a fabulous addition to your wardrobe, now.


A gorgeous adventure is unfolding just for you Pisces; this week it feels incredibly pertinent – and personal. Relish the opportunities that have come your way and that continue to present themselves. There’s wind beneath your wings, helping you broaden your horizons in immeasurable ways, be sure to enjoy the fun and doors that are opening!

You’re in a positive cycle for career, connecting to long-term growth, which will dominate in December. On Friday it’s easy to draw on inner resolve or the support of others, fuelling your outward explorations of career or position.

Slip into a daring style that shows you’re on a brand new journey, Pisces…

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