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Weekly Horoscope: November 19th – 25th

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November 19th – 25th, 2017


Tension is felt on Sunday, as spirited exchanges clash with outward goals you have in mind: the way you’re keen to be seen or the professional path you’re paving. By mid-week the pressure eases, as you sense loyalty and resources that are deeply affirming.

Your spiritual life is set to improve too, Aries, after a spell of disillusion it may be easier to grasp the ideals you’re working towards. The sun moves into your broad-minded zone of expansion, travel and education on Wednesday, signaling a good month ahead to focus on all you’ve learnt and experienced in the past three years. By Saturday you’ll comprehend insights about yourself, and the world.


Relationships are thriving now Taurus, so turn to your business partner, best friend or significant other and affirm your loyalty. It’s a week for deep camaraderie and truly a healing time for two. Perhaps you’re ready for an adventure in a pair and now feel ready to express this sentiment to another.

The sun slips into the deepest and most intimate zone of your horoscope; the area governing shared finances and property, including communal spaces and money outside the realms of your paycheck, i.e. tax and debts. You can start to focus on how hard you’ve worked in this area over the past few years, including committing in major ways to others.


You might just want to have fun but feelings run deep on Sunday, presenting a little tension. The mood lifts, and by midweek happy unions and a busy workload take priority. There’s great emphasis on partnerships now, from work relationships, friends and your significant other, and in particular the boundaries you’ve created with those key individuals. Celebrate your growth, Gemini.

Towards Saturday you can have an incredible connection with your community, as conversations or exchanges promise to be surprising yet revealing. Reach out and you’ll be reminded of your inherent wisdom around people and the way they operate.


Heightened emotions could lead to power struggles on Sunday, however the tension lifts by Tuesday afternoon, Crab, when fun in a twosome is far easier and your sense of loyalty resumes. The sun slips into the busiest area of your horoscope mid-week, kicking off a productive month ahead. It’s Sagittarius season, which puts emphasis on your work-life and health, too.

Bring your focus towards the tiny details of your day-to-day routine and acknowledge where you’ve done well to kick your schedule into touch. Saturday brings clarity to a career matter. It should be easier to grasp the subjects you’re keen to engage from Wednesday, as the fog lifts in your education and travel zone, giving you the capacity to broadcast your views with a little more clarity.


The sun moves into the most romantic, expressive area of your horoscope on Wednesday Leo, which has been undergoing an interesting process these past few years. You might now find you’re dating differently, or showing your talents in an entirely different way, having become far more structured and disciplined about your passions. The next few weeks spotlight your amorous interests and demonstrate growth around all that you love. Saturday proves excellent for telling the world.

Home is also flourishing and experiencing a growth surge, as you prioritize a vision of domestic ideals or prioritizing self-care. It’s easy to get organized early in the week, so make extra efforts, for example preparing meals in advance or cleaning your workspace.


Your designs on Sunday could make it slightly more challenging to have fun, however as the week unfolds your connection improves infinitely. A more loving sensation flows between your inner circle, making passions easily felt. Towards Saturday stability can flow, either because of a supportive partner or because you’ve everything you need to get by.

Home is heavily in the spotlight in the month ahead, as the sun moves into your domestic quarters and brings emotional issues to light. It’s an awesome time to process the work you’ve accomplished around family matters, your roots and examining the past. Get ready for one last house-clean in the weeks ahead, however Virgo!


Getting your own way at home could be challenging on Sunday, or perhaps it’s an internal, emotional struggle that creates a sense of unrest. Either way a practical focus delivers ample distraction as the week begins and by Tuesday you’ll be feeling more stable.

The sun is gliding into the most connected area of your horoscope Libra, emphasizing all the skills and new ties you’ve built in your local community over the past three years. Turn your attention towards siblings, close friends and your inner circle in the weeks ahead. Yes, you’re busy earning money and focusing on income and your role, however you can expertly balance both these interests.


Energy might fall flat on Sunday, as your co-rulers – Mars and Pluto – come to blows in the skies. It could be an incredibly challenging day to assert yourself, or to say or express yourself, however by Tuesday you’ll have your mojo back Scorpio.

You’re in an incredibly fortuitous cycle and from mid-week it’ll be easier to enjoy it! The sun lights up your role and income, so prepare to acknowledge all the hard graft around your earning capacities over the past three years. It may have been a testing time for finances however it’s likely you’ve mastered what you want to do, how you wish to be employed. The next few weeks are all about that, and Saturday delivers a spark of clarity around work!


Social activities could challenge your confidence on Sunday, so take it a little easy, Sagittarius. You’re in an excellent cycle for healing and taking it slow. You’ll gain more from operating with a pause over the next year, as mindfulness and gentle release become your cornerstones. Gentle detox and cathartic work are yours for the taking, it’s likely you’re already feeling powerful shifts.

Your birthday celebrations kick off on Wednesday, however, so prepare for the spotlight, Sagittarius. In the weeks ahead the work sees your responsible side, and how far you’ve come stepping into a position of authority and maturity! Saturday proves to be an excellent day to affirm your personal talents…


Sunday delivers an internal struggle, as a clash is indicated between personal purpose, and what you’re called to do on a public level. However the sensation soon subsides and by Tuesday you’re friends are sure to help.

The sun ducks into your zone of quiet closure on Wednesday, drawing your focus inward towards further healing and restoration. It’ll become increasingly easy to gain clarity on inner work, progress made in private, coupled with clear notions of your home foundations and sense of stability. Connecting to siblings, peers or close friends becomes easier from the 22nd too; the fog begins to lift and your ties to others only gets stronger, Capricorn.


Your ardent, adventurous impulses could be hampered as the week opens, however you’ll be back in your stride by Tuesday afternoon. You’re surrounded by friends and thriving in professional spheres, and are incredibly visible in your role presently, Aquarius. From Wednesday it should be easier to affirm your confidence around income, and all that you’re accomplishing on a practical and professional level.

The suns move into Sagittarius on Wednesday signals a month of networking opportunities – through till Christmas. You’ll see clearly how community and your social set have been restructured around you these past three years. Towards the weekend your closest friends make for stimulating conversation in a crowd…


On Wednesday the sun slips into your professional zone and your ruler Neptune appears direct in your zodiac sign Pisces! This is excellent news for you personally and publicly, as progress can now resume around all manner of plans – it’ll feel so much clearer moving forwards on your path.

Foreign connections can make powerful allies early in the week, as your latest plans take flight and fall into place beautifully. Over the past three years you’ve become so much more responsible in your outward facing role or reputation. Now, it’ll become apparent to you just how hard you’ve worked and the benefits you’re reaping, or could be inclined to ask for…

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