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Weekly Horoscope: October 22nd – 28th

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Waxing Moon In Days Ahead…

Jupiter is now striding through Scorpio, a 13-month marathon that deepens stories currently unfolding. This week, it’s remarkably easy to see the themes of the year ahead, and the journey of growth and expansion that Jupiter wants to take us on. It’s possible to connect with the people, places and things you need to make opportunities align – so use imagination, intuition and be resourceful.

On Monday, Mars joins Venus in the sign of fairness – Libra – passionately invigorating well-laid plans of the past year. It’s a choice time to check in on annual accomplishments, to enjoy progress and to ensure everything’s as it should be. Saturday’s stars could put a fly in the ointment, however don’t be deterred.


October 22nd – 28th, 2017


Relationships continue to be in focus this week, Aries, as love lights up your partnerships and merging zone. Your awareness of others has grown in recent times, and now key figures receive the full force of your attention.

The stars present a deepening sense of loyalty, commitment and trust, as bonding together through collaboration becomes possible and highly appealing. You could now be ready to level up business or love unions. Just note the repercussions these developments might have on your worldly persona.


Relationships are largely in the frame now, dominating the weeks ahead. You have opportunities to grow in all kinds of collaborations – from business, to loving unions, friendships – perhaps even talking deeply with a therapist, psychologist or trusted spiritual counselor…

There’s now space to enjoy projects that have been keeping you busy – this week and next. Your past years’ efforts could really feel in hand, though the mood towards the weekend may be bittersweet. Your attention on work needn’t be at the detriment of other interests, Taurus.


A work project, duty or the routine delegation of tasks needs your special skills this week Gemini – thankfully you’ve the Midas Touch! Use your powers of persuasion, which are easily accessible. You’ll find you’ve remarkable influence, and towards the weekend can be particularly resourceful in the day-to-day matters that have surfaced.

You’ve lots of offers to blow off steam, too, making it even busier! You should have no problem keeping all the plates spinning, though be mindful on Saturday, when superficial fun won’t suffice – intensity is a given.


Life can be fun right now Cancer – you’re in an awesome cycle to date, dance, reconnect with beloved hobbies and let your creative side flow! The year ahead promises opportunities to produce something you’ll adore – inspiration can strike this week – be encouraged to dive in!

Meanwhile, home spaces, family or your emotional core are highly energized, too. Use your flourishing artistic license to improve your surroundings or connect to your foundations – and feelings. You might clash with partners on Saturday but don’t let that hinder your efforts.


It’s a week to nest and get comfortable in your space, looking around to see the potential of home and nurturing yourself, Leo. The sun lights up your domestic side from Monday, drawing focus to how best to ground yourself – even putting motherhood, and emotional family ties under the spotlight.

You’re still busying yourself among close community, with potential for friction on Saturday, however your heart is really wide open for friends, and the ground beneath you. Harness the abundant energy this week to activate your plans.


Turn towards trusted friends, your inner circle and even siblings or close co-workers, Virgo. Your primary connection to others is spotlighted, and holds the key to immeasurable growth in the year ahead. You’ll no doubt hear truths in weeks and months to come; reach out to peers you feel safe expressing yourself around, as you learn new skills and ways of communicating.

Earnings are spotlighted too, and you could feel compelled to splash cash this week. You’ve worked hard to get a handle on finances, so pause before purchasing.


What do you require to feel confident in your role, Libra? This week hints at the potential to feel really good about yourself, and, might reveal how you’ll be compensated for your talents…

The past year has burst open new doors, with personal change and journey’s embarked upon. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper into your strength, purpose and resourcefulness. Earnings are spotlighted, and the jobs you undertake. Focus. You’ve the energy to initiate, so connect with who – and what – you need.


Thank your lucky stars, and prepare for emphasis to grow around your personal potential – the journey that lies ahead! Incredible opportunities can be delivered this week, look for the gifts that present themselves. Take risks and expand your horizons, Scorp.

Energizing Mars dips into your dreamy zone, which could prompt marvelous intuition – or have you ducking out of the limelight. It’s tempting to escape the glare of attention now on you, as you opt to resolve lingering issues in private. Do what you need and get ready to fly!


Exhale spirited Archer; it’s time for healing and a major clear out. The stars are guiding you in the right direction – head towards closure and listen to yourself in the quiet moments. New shifts behind the scenes are drawing your attention; pull back the curtain, take a pause, and peek.

You’ve no doubt got some exciting social engagements to attend; make great efforts to connect to community and the tribe you’ve got on side. Tensions might arise towards the weekend but your intuition is strong and ever resourceful.


You’ve opportunities to see how largely your community and extended network can feature, this week, Capricorn. You’ve still plenty of momentum and pleasure to be gleaned from your public role in the world, yet your focus is really steered towards friendship, and a significant tribe or group of co-workers.

Validate their significance and welcome your connection to others; it’s a wonderful week to be expressive and relay your personal stance to the crowd. Relish being seen, too, you’ve made real headway on your path – career or otherwise!


Step up, and into prominence, Aquarius – your name could be in lights this week or perhaps you’ll be called to take the helm in a big way! Opportunities for growth are delivered around the way you’re seen. Strengthen your awareness of personal reputation and impress your talents in the world – whether or not others are looking…

There’s space to enjoy and revitalize a spirited adventure, as you reap pleasure from experiences of the past year. Breathe life into learnings, and relish the joys of your journey.


Something wonderful can reveal itself this week, Pisces. A great personal adventure makes itself known and calls you deeply. Whatever’s presented holds the key to growth in the year ahead – opportunities such as educational courses or studies, journeying abroad, foreign connections, entrepreneurial ventures, or perhaps expressing your views to a broader audience.

There’s still much pleasure to be found in collaborations, as close bonds still have your attention and affections. However put your feelers out towards your community and use your own intuition, which is strong now.

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