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Weekly Horoscope: October 8th – 14th – Jupiter In Scorpio…

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Waning Moon Week… Jupiter In Scorpio–

It’s a busy week for the stars, as Jupiter – the Santa Claus of the cosmos – changes signs, from Libra to Scorpio! Say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new; we’ll switch gears, shifting the potential for luck in an entirely different direction in the year ahead.

Prepare to shed light and the benefits of wisdom into unchartered territory in a big way – Jupiter delivers his gifts of expansion for our benefit, though the swell isn’t guaranteed to be entirely comfortable. In fact, the transition could create a few bruises and growing pains along the way… Arnica at the ready, Stargazers!


October 8th – 14th, 2017


Relationships loom large this week, Aries – partnerships have dominated in the past year, with growth in unions across business, love and friendship – they’re now brightly spotlighted. Perhaps breakthroughs and realizations have been delivered emphasizing balance, sharing and harmonious ties – you can see them clearly now!

Intimacy reigns in the year ahead, as you go deeper into exchanges with others, allowing vulnerabilities to show. You’re almost ready to take things to the next level but for now, enjoy your rapport; this week, appreciate progress made.


A busy phase is coming full circle, Taurus. You might have taken on new responsibilities or had to delegate tasks to others over the past few months, and undoubtedly your schedule has been fit to burst! It’s not over yet, and presently, attention is focused towards work fully in progress.

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy wrapping up those important tasks – before a transition takes place… You’ll be getting honest in relationships, business partnerships and friendships with a deeper, closer look. In the meantime go lightly, and have fun!


Make pleasure your purpose this week, Gemini – stars align for love and fun, so don’t let anyone stand in your way… Partners may pose some resistance to letting loose, however from Friday you’ll enjoy a particularly sweet run for romance.

Life is about to get busy with many more tasks delivered, so relish the peace, love and harmony – while you can! Jupiter enters your work zone on Tuesday, spelling a full schedule in the year ahead but with planets loitering in your amorous zone do prioritize passion.


The past year’s seen huge emphasis on home spaces but get ready for fun, Cancer! This week the stars deliver opportunities for creativity, romance and recreation, as a playful demeanor sets in… Luck graces your amorous region – the next twelve months could see you birth a blog, book, baby or anything you feel passionately about.

There’s plenty tension in the stars now; try not to over sensitize. Wrap up domestic growth with a pretty bow – and relax, there’s plenty time to add those familial finishing touches…


You might have said “Yes” to lots of opportunities around your inner circle and community this past year, Leo. This week you’re more than aware of your connection to those closest, and how to express yourself, amicably.

Soon it’ll be time to focus on your roots, deep diving towards your inner workings, as the upcoming forecast helps you look towards your foundations. It could be time to explore your psyche through family work or focus on home spaces – if not within the month, then the year ahead.


It’s likely you’ve really blossomed in your role this past year, Virgo, and possibly flourished in your financial capabilities too! Perhaps you’ve learnt how to balance income and savings, as your position has grown. Acknowledge achievements, which are undeniably in focus this week – don’t undermine your accomplishments.

Though your confidence may falter there’s strength close at hand; soon the fruits of your labor will begin to pay dividends. Community is about to become a big focus, so start to reacquaint yourself, connecting to your inner circle!


The past year has seen you embark on exciting personal adventures, Libra, and this week you’ve clarity available to assess your growth. Hopefully you’ve taken a leap of faith! Take the opportunity to acknowledge progress, and don’t be hard on yourself if there’s room for improvement.

Life is about to get sweeter; you can turn your attention towards what you need to develop in your role. Money and the material side of life are emphasized in the year ahead – you’re due acquire an education around earnings and income…


You may have encountered losses in the past year, or felt a huge transition occurring in your subconscious realms, Scorpio. There’s been plenty going on out of sight! As one of the Zodiac’s most sensitive signs you’ve heightened instincts, and this week can really tune in to the wisdom of your process.

On Tuesday an exciting lucky streak lasting thirteen months commences for you personally – you’re promised growth and opportunities, but first be sure to properly purge what’s left of your recent journey.


Hopefully you’ve shone among your tribe this past year, Sagittarius, and gleaned support from those around you. It’s been a lucky year for action within a crowd, with allies in your societal surrounds assisting you. Make the most of friendly acquaintances this week – it should be clear to note the group of peers who’ve stood by you, gracefully.

On Tuesday there’s a shift deeper underground; the next twelve month see you shedding old skin, so acclimatize yourself to a transition phase that being ushered in.


Your profile and purpose have been important this past year, and now in particular your reputation – and message is visible. There’s attention around your worldly position, Capricorn, so volunteer your talents and accept the accolades.

Welcome success and praise this week – even if it’s hard to enjoy – it’s due, and deserved… The crowd you’re in is about to become a bigger focus in the weeks and months ahead, and though you might presently crave adventure and escape, it’s best to focus on the path you’ve carved so beautifully.


The past twelve months may have presented opportunities to travel, or have expanded your learning’s with a journey in education or new philosophies. Perhaps you’ve pioneered with an adventure into business… Embrace your expanded view this week; you’ve utmost clarity around your new knowledge.

Soon you’ll be exploring ways you can give of yourself to the world – through your career, or the way you represent yourself on a world stage. You’re readying yourself for growth in status; get ready to be appreciated for your talents, Aquarius!


Jupiter is unleashed in your adventurous, travel-oriented zone this week. A literal or metaphorical journey commences on Tuesday, so be ready to expand your horizons in the year ahead, Pisces! Take the leap of faith as far as your personal education or voyage into the unknown is concerned.

In the meantime, bring your focus to intimate bonds and relationships. Partnerships have revealed vulnerabilities this past year, yet you’ve grown in resourcefulness. Honor your progress – there’s clarity this week and more gems to be uncovered…

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