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Weekly Horoscope: September 3rd – 9th

September’s opened on a feisty note, yet any overzealous fireworks can be skillfully reframed and romanticized by Wednesday’s full moon (3.03 am EST).

This particular peak of the lunar cycle is steeped in dreamy, ethereal vibes, watered down by nebulous Neptune – the enigmatic influence of the cosmos. Confusion and passions run high mid-week, and although artistic projects can benefit, be vigilant. Fully realize poetic or creative notions – don’t dilute your truth.

Our recent Mercury Retrograde spell ceases, and slowly but surely clarity resumes.

Into the weekend there’s another influence in play: the vital sun aligns with Pluto – an incredibly confident and affirming pairing. Own your practical power.


September 3rd – 9th, 2017


This week there’s opportunity to reignite sparks around personal passions, Aries.

Your outlook is dynamic and full of creative flair; give your imagination free reign, to reach its highest heights.

On Tuesday your ruler Mars moves into a productive position, yet Wednesday’s full moon urges you to take time out to dream. Listen to your body and create balance with plenty room to breathe. Towards the weekend you might sense the positive repercussions of everyday efforts; your hard work may have had a powerful knock-on effect…


From Tuesday, passions are amplified. Mars moves into the most vibrant area of your horoscope, and focused energy is easily lent towards creative expression in weeks ahead. Romance is especially high on this intangible, amorous day; fun is readily available, and fuels your thirst for adventure into the weekend…

Wednesday’s full moon emphasizes friendship, illuminating your network of peers and helping you realize a culmination of camaraderie. Recent exchanges pepper home life with excitement – the current action presents a marvelous catalyst for change, Taurus!


Rejoice Gemini! This week your sociable sector is lit with warmth, camaraderie and clear connection. From Tuesday, you can reinvigorate alliances with your closest crew, and despite recent sparks among friends you’re now better equipped to move ahead, with affections strong in your network.

It’s also your time to nest and go inward, so turn towards home and hearth – you could see progress in your private life towards the weekend – powerful shifts can occur in sequestered spaces. The full moon illuminates career success on Wednesday, with glorious recognition possible.


Sensitive Cancerians will feel this Wednesday’s full moon, which brings to fruition a journey or significant exploration of the past six months. You might have embarked on a spate of learning or growth, which now crystalizes in a most magnificent fashion.

There’s movement around your role or income, and practical matters become easier to handle this week. Turn your focus towards your connection to close friends and tight-knit community; important conversations can take place towards the weekend, with key partnerships benefitting from your confident self-expression.


It’s a positive time to step into your vitality and power, striding ahead with precision now, Leo. Your sense of drive, purpose and adventure is high, and personal matters continue to gain momentum and clarity in the days and weeks ahead.

Confidently affirm your talents; the stars bring your role and position into perfect alignment yet there’s the potential to succumb to confusion, doubting the resources you’ve been handed. Wednesday marks the finale of a private matter that’s been unfolding this year; it could get deeply emotional.


It’s compelling to make headway around a private matter that’s stirring you now, Virgo. It’s likely you can instigate incredible shifts, yet the task’s not yet complete. From Tuesday life will feel easier; vitality will increase and your precision will return but first put your partner into focus.

The full moon emphasizes relationships, however there maybe some exchanges that are still to receive full clarity. Trust this will come, in time. Personal magnetism is high into the weekend – enjoy the affect you have on others!


Social activities or lively work dynamics draw you in this week, like a moth to a flame, Libra. There’s promise of excitement, warmth and friendly adoration within an exchange, and a project can come full circle. However the stars are also encouraging you to wind down, directing your energy and focus inward.

Hugely cathartic shifts can occur towards the weekend, as efforts you’re making behind closed doors align with your familial foundations. Surrendering control may have powerful repercussions around your sense of emotional stability, now.


It could seem like a compelling time to announce professional ambitions or communicate information publicly, yet it’s likely such statements haven’t entirely settled into place. Networking is favored now, so turn your attention towards advancing within your community setting.

In the weeks ahead you can gain real traction with peers, so initiate group activities and connect with both close friends and your wider circles. Wednesday’s full moon is one of the most romantic moments of the year, so step away from the crowd momentarily to honor solo passions.


It’s easy – and even compelling to assert yourself as the week begins, Sagittarius. However don’t let come on too strong in your passionate expressions. You’re in a terrific cycle to impress those around you, making admirable worldly strides. It’s a fortuitous and powerful time to shine towards the weekend, so proudly demonstrate your practical capabilities.

Home life warrants your attention mid-week. The full moon illuminates a domestic or emotional matter, diverting focus from your path. Take a quiet moment to recalibrate yourself in a soothing sanctuary.


Exchanges are charged with intensity as you enter the week, Capricorn. Passions run deep, with your emotional foundations stirred – or even shaken! What’s more, Wednesday’s full moon can reveal different perspectives, connections, or bring important information to light.

Your quest is in motion, and as the days ahead unfold it’s likely you’ll gain a truly authentic sense of personal empowerment. Bonds are strengthening and while the impetus to express your feelings may be compelling, it might pay to wait a little longer.


Spirited exchanges are likely this week, Aquarius. Self-expression might seem intangible, and yet the words on your lips come easy, thick and fast – perhaps seeming to fire at will!

It’s possible that decision-making – and asserting yourself – is made easier. Clarity arrives in partnerships and you can take your focus to new depths of trust and loyalty.

Awareness of your role is heightened midweek too, as the full moon lights up your means of income. Take a moment to consider your present position, which can appear to come full circle.


Wednesday’s full moon puts you and your personal projects under an enigmatic spotlight. Glow, Pisces. It’s a fine time to emphasize your efforts and reveal the magic you’ve made.

Work continues to be highly charged this week, yet it’ll feel easier to make headway, with genius moves possible on your part.

Partnerships become more dynamic from Thursday as Mars moves into your relationships zone. Exchanges become even more powerfully charged towards the weekend, revealing the right people to connect with in wider circles. Team up.

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