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The more you explore astrology the more complex it can seem.

Not only do we have a zodiac sign (calculated by the Sun’s position on our birthday), we have a moon signVenus signMercurySaturn and many more.

In fact, we’ve a sign allocated to each of the planet’s in our solar system (not to mention asteroids…). This makes us all very unique combinations. Who knew?!!

Let’s take an example – Beyoncé.

A pure perfectionist, we know she really works hard with a virtuous Virgo ethic to serve the people and get it ‘just right’, perfect, in fact.

But her rising sign is luscious Leo! She dons a leoline mask, greeting the world with a theatrical performance (quite different from Virgo’s modest approach).

Leo is the ‘Queen’ of the zodiac…


Beyoncé, Virgo Pure And True But Leo Rising Shines Through!

Beyoncé’s Leo Rising gives her that dramatic flair as they’re natural and instinctive performers. The singer is often referred to as ‘Queen Bey’ – Leo are the Regal lot, and, like a Leo lady she has a fine mane of hair, which looks fab styled big and curly…

If you were guessing what zodiac sign Beyoncé is, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear she’s a Leo, although it’s just her rising sign!

Angelina Jolie is a curious Gemini, with Cancer on the ascendant, perhaps why she takes on the role as mother so wholeheartedly, Cancerians are the nurturers of the zodiac.

Audrey Tautou has a luscious Leo Sun but with Virgo rising appears more introverted, discerning and reserved…

For those who really feel that their star sign just doesn’t do them justice, perhaps the rising sign is giving off very different signals! I know what you’re thinking – “Star Sign Style! Tell me how do I find out my rising sign????”

Just enter your birth data into the Rising Sign Calculator below, or read: How Do I Work Out My Birth Chart? for a more thorough overview.

Hot Horoscope Tip

Many astrologers advise reading your forecast based on your rising sign as well as your Sun sign. That’s because horoscopes are written using the ascendant as a starting point to see how the planets are affecting you, with the Sun on the ascendant.

It might prove interesting and accurate to try…

The rising sign, or the ascendant, is calculated using your time of birth.

It’s the constellation rising in the Eastern horizon at your time of birth, and the zodiac sign at the ‘nine o’clock’ position on your birth chart.

Our rising sign is just as important, if not more important than your zodiac sign. That’s because your rising sign is really the character that people meet – it’s our initial ‘projected’ image and the impression we give off when people first meet us...

Scroll down for a thorough explanation.

Best Face Forward!

We’re said to look like our rising sign, it could even be a good idea to dress for your ascendant, using fashions associated with that sign rather than your traditional star sign…

Look up your ascendant with the Rising Sign Calculator, then refer to the twelve zodiac signs style guide to discover the Star Sign Style of the zodiac sign!

Rising Sign Calculator…

Celebrity Rising Signs

Which famous faces were born with your rising sign? Check out some celebrity ascendants as an example of stellar ascendant style…

Simply select a zodiac constellation below to see the stars born with each sign rising…

Rising Sign, Recap…

Our zodiac sign, star sign or Sun sign is what we were born to do, and carries a deep message about our calling or destination in life. It’s our birthright, our philosophy, our guiding light. It reveals our characters principles and what we were born to do.

Our rising sign is the mask we wear when we meet and greet people, it’s the character we take on when we’re going out into the world. The rising is also described as a ‘filter’ for the rest of our personality, the edge given to the other planets. It’s the style in which you operate, it touches the whole chart, and all of you.

Your Moon Sign is what you carry in terms of your emotional temperament, who you are at home and with family or those you’re comfortable with day to day. You work colleagues might know your character more through your Moon sign than your Sun!

Without wanting to confuse you further, when you find out your rising sign, you might want to also look at your Midheaven, too. It’s usually between the ten and two o’clock points on the birth chart, and will be marked ‘Mc’. The combination of the ascendant and midheaven shows us how we dress up and appear to the world. It is very much linked to our outward appearance.

The Midheaven is how we channel and manifest our talents into society, and make a meaningful contribution to the world. More on the Midheaven coming soon – stick with Star Sign Style and don’t miss out!

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