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Zodiac Sign Beauty Guide – Gloss Or Lippy?


Gloss Or Lipstick For Your Sign?

Which signs suits sticky, shiny glosses and who wants matte?

If you’re stuck deciding on make-up for a friend but are wondering what to buy, why not refer to their zodiac sign?

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for a bestie or gifting a girl you barely know, just look to the stars for your beauty buys!

ASTRO TIP:: Don’t forget that you look like your Rising Sign, you feel comfortable wearing the style of your Moon Sign, you gravitate towards the beauty aesthetic of your Venus Sign. You’re nearly always in tune and in sync with the star sign you know and love…

Depending on your personal horoscope, the pull of the planets could affect you in a number of ways!

The Fire Signs…


Aries Jessica Chastain, Leo Charlize Theron, Sagittarius Scarlett Johansson

As a general rule, the Fire Signs suit bold lip colours in a matte texture.

Aries has an affinity with rouge, it’s their lucky colour. Safe to use most of the time but not advisable to wear if they’re on the war path! Because red represents anger and aggression it may have to be used sparingly on our Mars-ruled sisters. Best worn on a demure day or risks being overly powerful.

Luscious Leo loves the limelight and they’ll adore the reaction of a show stopping look. Whether it’s a statement piece of jewellery, a big hairstyle, stand-out fashion choices or a beautiful and powerful lip colour, whatever they wear will wow the crowds.

Sagittarius in particular looks amazing in red lipstick, although they’re usually too busy bounding out the door to care about their finishing touches. They’re more of a wash-and-go gal when it comes to beauty, and they always look fabulous, fresh faced and glowing – naturally gorgeous. But sit them down, push them to pucker up and see a sassy transformation.

The Earth Signs…


Taurus Jessica Alba, Virgo Blake Lively, Capricorn Zooey Deschanel…

Earth signs can pick lipsticks that are grown-up and gorgeous.

Taurus can wear dusty rose tones and peachy hues – this feminine sign suits girlie but I don’t call them tenacious for nothing! There’s a toughness to this sign so their make-up can’t give off a flimsy vibe – a fuchsia pop is perfect when they’re working the room.

Virtuous Virgo ladies are earthy beauties, and the colours of nature at harvest-time suit them so. Caramels, creams and tawny tones are her wardrobe staples, so complimentary shades about the face work well. Nothing too ostentatious or vulgar, they prefer neat, tidy and pure.

Capricorn is a conservative dresser mostly, and looks lovely in lippy that’s understated, rich and classic. They buy cosmetics with a practicality and longevity about them. Rather than lip wear that will date they’ll want a quality piece of kit to sit in their make-up bag…

The Air Signs…


Gemini Heidi Klum, Libra Kate Winslet, Aquarius Paris Hilton…

The Air Signs suit sheer glosses – they can keep it transparent and light

Gorgeous Gemini needs a shimmering shine that carries a playful vibe, they love to feel young so will adore a cutesy gloss to whip out and apply – even glitter if the occasion calls for it! Gemini is a dextrous, flighty soul that needs constant change so any look will need to be wiped at the drop of a hat, it’s a no-go for long-wear for this sign…

Libra is somewhat more sophisticated, she wants clean and understated – nothing too extreme! Venus-ruled, those born under this zodiac sign are attuned to what looks good and will always strive for a pleasant, balanced look. Nude is a particular favourite.

Aquarius is a sign that really can go au natural but also pushes the boundaries in whatever direction they choose! People born under the Water Bearer are fashion revolutionists – they’ll dare to try a zany new colour or look and are likely to pull it off too. They’ll love to try something different and against the grain…

The Water Signs…


Cancer Liv Tyler, Scorpio Chloë Sevigny, Pisces Olivia Palermo

Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are glossy and gorgeous, the Water Signs are wet and wild with beautiful deep dreamy eyes – their only concern is a super waterproof mascara! Their eyes are prone to tearing up and skin can have a luminous quality…

Lunar ruled, Cancerian chicks need a bit of peach to warm the cockles and their lips.

Scorpio can wear a berry coloured stain – or bite their lips for the desired effect! This sign suits maroon tones – the shades of oxblood are simply mesmerising on this magnetic sign.

Pretty Pisces suits subtle, muted tones but as the chameleon of the zodiac can really adopt any look into their beauty repertoire.


Shines Of The Zodiac, Maybelline Kissing Potion…


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