It’s the Scorpio New Moon just before Halloween so this weekend? Super quiet compared to Halloweens past…

Don’t go all out, keep it low maintenance with just a touch of beauty to mark the moment!

Here’s your cosmic inspiration.

Aries or Aries Rising – Spooky Bunny!

A photo posted by Ashley (@anigma_ashley) on

The zodiac sign of spring, rabbit ears are a cute look for the Aries born…


Taurus or Taurus Rising – Floral Touch!

Flower crowns all the way for the lovely bull


Gemini or Gemini Rising – Evil Twin

A photo posted by Natalie Walker (@natzwalker) on

Grab a girlfriend for your plus 1 twin stars!

Cancer or Cancer Rising – Luna

Yes, you look like the moon Cancer babe!! Amp up your crater face – beautifully tho…


Leo or Leo Rising – Cat Woman

It’s got to be a luscious lioness for the zodiac’s pussycats…


Virgo or Virgo Rising – Doe Eyed

An innocent, earthy beauty, Virgo can get back to nature and be a doe-eyed deer!


Libra or Libra Rising – Prom Princess

A photo posted by Alyssa Winter (@gdglam) on

A natural beauty queen, why not smash your mirror Libra?! Don’t worry, you’ll still look picture perfect…


Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

A photo posted by Laci Jo Stanton (@lacceup) on

You’re the best one to give us all a fright Scorpio, knock yourself out – it’s your birthday!


Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

A photo posted by Lexy (@little_lexys_makeup) on

Jupiter ruled, Sagg is the clown of the zodiac, turn it spooky on Halloween!


Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – Bones…

A photo posted by Terry Gomez (@beautybyterry) on

Skeleton face – because your cheekbones are just… Sigh…


Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – Extraterrestrial!

A photo posted by Georgia B. (@dixiewolff) on

Aqua babes and dudes are out of this world – the space cadets and aliens of the zodiac…


Pisces and Pisces Rising – Miss Mermaid!

Pisces the fish make the most magical mermaids! Or, a unicorn…

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