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2020 Yearly Horoscope

We've Mountains To Climb, Rivers To Cross – Let's Get Prepped!


Embrace your flair for leadership, Aries, continuing on your established vocational path. With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn it’s likely you now know your limits, and can begin to enjoy attention and exposure around your career or worldly direction. Commit to success over the holidays, and plan to make your mark.

Community interactions become increasingly appealing in spring thanks to Mars and Saturn entering your house of friendship and support, while sociable moments keeping you busy throughout summer – Venus will retrograde in Gemini, and your zone of connection and mindset. An unstoppable energy propels you from July, as Mars enters your sign for an extra-long stay!


An ongoing quest, project or journey you’ve embarked upon is spotlighted over the holidays and provides the overarching theme for 2020. Growth experiences are promised, with momentum in your educational zone of travel, faith, and far-off places – prepare for the next steps of your adventure! Work or finances dominate in spring and summer; plan to dial it back in September…


Investments, commitments and how you share your time, energy and resources with others can be top billing, now and in the immediate future, Gemini. 2020 expands on matters already in hand, with shifts in your private life-changing your outlook – and even your relationship status! Settle into adjustments; spring is a key time to focus on you, while late summer promises to be incredibly socially active!


Growth is promised in relationships this year, yet strive to find the happy medium between ‘we’ and ‘me’, Cancer. Exchanges worth taking seriously benefit from boundaries, and continue to require work. However, the holidays deliver fun and fresh perspectives! Welcome more time for peace and solitude from May 2020, a month to retreat, recharge and dream. You’ll be meeting goals and ambitions full throttle in fall.


2020 spotlights health, wellness, daily rituals, your work-life balance, and shifts in lifestyle. You might find you’re busier than usual over the holidays, Leo, as your habits take precedence. Ask yourself if you’re doing all you can to maintain the positive steps you’ve taken, and make any necessary adjustments to maintain your healthy rituals. Remember, health is wealth! May sees you integrating more with the community or meeting a new social circle, thanks to a long spell of Venus in Gemini, while wild adventures call in summer.


Your sense of creativity, children (or babies), passion projects, or another channel for self-expression is heightened by Jupiter’s tour of Capricorn and presents a poignant focus for 2020. Enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for, Virgo, and be sure to inject fun and romance into the holidays! Spring promises visibility around your career or path, while relationship (and financial) commitments dominate fall.


Nesting, domestic life, family, and even your ability to feel at home in your body are foremost this holiday season; it’s these surroundings that provide the overarching focus for 2020. Step outside your usual environment in spring, as experiences breeze in and deliver opportunities for growth. Think travel, projects with a foreign connection, education, or a venture that promises personal expansion. Relationship dynamics get heated in the fall!


Momentum’s promised around interactions, communications, and your closest personal relations, Scorpio. You may find you’ve established your voice! Be ready to engage in business and romantic partnerships, expressing yourself with confidence and ease; allow your inner circle to draw out your enthusiasm. Spring promises to be intense, with serious commitments presented, and be ready for a supercharged fall – your schedule gets busier from August!


Your contribution, personal wealth, assets, and what you value are the overarching theme now, Sagittarius, with Jupiter emphasizing your income, position or material assets. You may make minor adjustments as you fully step into your role or earning power, yet you can flourish with confidence thanks to hard work and steady efforts. Relationships are set to dominate in spring, with a hotly charged finale to summer!


Step into your power and prowess, Capricorn! Jupiter’s tour of Capricorn allows you to focus on personal growth and adventure, and your physical body, presence, and magnetism… Say yes to travel, learning, and a brand new chapter. The planet of expansion provides space to explore and broaden your horizons – particularly when you recognize your limits. Meanwhile, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is also promising – the end of an era but also full of rich fuel – just dig deep, Mountain-Goat. Work, health, and lifestyle can be addressed in spring, while home environments demand attention later in summer.


You’re heading into the heart of a transitionary process, Aquarius, which promises closure, healing, and could involve some major endings too! If you’re looking to surrender or quit bad habits know resolutions will be entirely supported over the holidays. Similarly, you might be hunkering down to tackle a solo project, or working in isolation. Spring ushers in fun with the potential for a whirlwind romance, while later in 2020 you’ll be focusing on developing dynamic rapport with those closest.


It’s your year to see friendships flourish, thanks to Jupiter in your house of allies, support, hope, and teamwork! Having established your place within a network, company or on social platforms, 2020 invites you to thrive among your peers, Pisces. It’s time to enjoy the community you’ve worked so hard to build, expertly scaling its terrain. Homelife promises excitement in spring; your surroundings or family environment could warrant attention, prompting you to take a more active role in late summer.

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