Aquarius Beauty Style – She’s Got Androgynous Appeal!


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They’ve Got Androgynous Appeal…

The Aquarius zodiac sign is intertwined with an androgynous vibe.

You’ll notice that someone with Aquarius strong in their birth chart can carry crop hair cuts, trousers suits and a touch of masculinity about their style.

The Aquarius aesthetic is a strong, heart-shaped jawline and women born under this zodiac sign can be touched with a slightly manly appearance.

I’m not saying outright that Aqua babes look like dudes but that they can tend not to look so womanly, fleshy and feminine.

That’s more the Cancer or Pisces archetype.

They’re more likely to have a noticeable jaw, or boyish feel to their face.

This works particularly well in the modelling industry…


Models With Sun In Aquarius (top left going clockwise): Eliza Cummings, Emily Baker, Mo Wandan, Erin O’Connor, Mariya Markina and Agyness Deyn.

Aquarius beauty can embrace a touch of masculinity or go all-out on androgyny.

Cut The Crop!


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Celebrities With Aquarius SunEllen Degeneres, Mia Farrow, Natalie Imbruglia, Yoko Ono…

Not all Aquarius will be able to pull it off, but it’s worth considering a short crop if you’re born under the sign of the Water Bearer. The Aquarius stars above wear it well…

Androgyny in fashion is expressed wearing men’s clothes, so suit jackets, slacks, mens hats, anything with a mix of masculinity that transcends into the feminine.

Or you can go all out and dress up as manly as you can – it’s up to you. That’s the beauty of fashion and individuality, which Aquarius has in spades.

Marlene Dietrich was one originator of the androgynous look, and although her birth chart is super strong on Capricorn, her Venus is in Aquarius.

Stars With Venus In Aquarius


Capricorn Kate Moss, Sagittarius Taylor Swift, Aquarius Chloë Moretz, Aquarius Mary Quant, Capricorn Marlene Dietrich, Aquarius Charlotte Rampling, Aquarius Mischa Barton And Capricorn Helena Christensen

It’s not only the Sun, Venus, rising sign and midheaven that shows how we look and dress, the moon matters too!

Those with the Moon in Aquarius can feel quite at home with a masculine look…


Diane Keaton Made A Statement In Annie Hall And Goes Androgynous On The Red Carpet…

Diane Keaton, like Dietrich, is a Capricorn with an Aqua Moon.

This makes her truly alternative – how many women do you know that can pull off a tux?! She’s stayed true to an androgyny feel since her younger years…

Check out your birth chart to see if you’ve got androgyny appeal going on.

Advice for Aquarius?

Man up! You’ll look awesome Aquarius!

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