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Free Monthly Forecast – Aquarius January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

Pull back, Aquarius. The new moon eclipse in your zone of closure, healing and dreams asks you to honor yourself with down time. A great escape (to a snowy mountaintop) is ideal, or perhaps it’s time to incubate, reflect and release as the New Year begins.

Thankfully the new moon itself falls on a weekend, and as it’s the first one of the year you shouldn’t feel as if you’re missing out, too much. With five celestial bodies in the area of solitude, do yourself a favour and go offline on the 5th and 6th*.

You’re right to read this and feel perturbed; not only are you the most social sign of the Zodiac, you’re also experiencing a growth surge in the area of networking and group endeavors! On the 7th Venus moves into position, bringing even more fun in a crowd or company setting.

And yet feathers can potentially be ruffled.

On January 1st, Mars is called into your communication house, and while planets in fire (Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Uranus) sync up, warming your interactions beautifully, there’s also the propensity to overdo it! You could speak in haste (or with a direct, forceful tone – particularly on the 8th) quite unintentionally. January 7th is a special date, not only because Venus heads into friendly, spirited Sagittarius – it also signals the direct motion of Uranus, your planetary ruler, which has been shaking up connections among close comrades for roughly eight years! Be aware of erratic energies zipping about on the 19th, just before your birthday season arrives.

Major shifts and transitioning can occur when you take time out, so balance social demands (including within your professional realms) and the need to recharge or unplug. Any time you do spend off-piste will serve to enhance your confidence in the role that you occupy (note the 13th and 14th); buffer your network.

You’ll feel increasingly willing to come out of your shell from the 20th, and the 22nd, 25th and 30th are fabulous days. Note the full moon in Leo (January 21st) acknowledges special relationships, however there’s no need to book a table for two on this full moon, as work commitments (or financial considerations) could interrupt the moment. Simply reach out a hand to hold and say how much you care. A sincere compliment is worth so much more!

* Depending on time zone.

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