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Aquarius May Horoscope…

Check in with the stars, Aquarius, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

Your home circumstances or surrounding spaces are in the spotlight this month, Aquarius, as you process big shifts in your private life and domestic set-up.

Now, lets look at the month ahead in detail, Aquarius…

Aquarius May Horoscope, 2019

It’s a passionate, expressive start to May, as Mars and Mercury make heated and excited ties on the 1st.

For you, Aquarius, this could manifest as a dynamic or spirited conversation with someone you’re romantically involved with. Or you could simply be feeling extra impulsive in your thinking.

However, anticipate some kind of road-block or circumstances that force you to slow down – connector Mercury clashes with Saturn, an influence that will be felt throughout the first week.

Venus, spends half her time blazing through Aries (till the 15th) and the other in steady Taurus. These are very different energies for you to work with, Aqualove.

The first inspires you to relate to individuals with extra warmth, charm and dynamic enthusiasm, (there’s potential to see your one-to ones thriving), the other encourages you to deepen your roots and ties to home, tackle big shifts that are helping you transform and recalibrate, and surrender to change.

A new moon on May 4th helps you affirm what’s important in your private life and gives you a fresh start in your space.

New moons are time to go inward and get quiet, and this is truly the vibe of your new moon moment on the 4th, which resets in your nesting and recalibration zone. Dig deep, especially around your thinking and relation to siblings, close friends, those you learn and connect with.

Emotional or domestic conversations will feel easier after Mercury moves into Taurus on the 7th, giving you the stability needed to process big upheavals.

Inspiration may arrive May 8th around home life and how you can really enhance your foundations and ties to your roots. Use your imagination, and leverage any reflections that have arisen during spring to enhance your standing.

Thursday the 9th is a very good time to feel secure and grounded, with clarity around any potential disruption underfoot; step confidently into work and show your naturally popular side.

May 9th – Neptune, Sun and Moon align at 18º with the north node at 19º…

Stars align for home and your private life on the 11th and 14th, and between the 16th and 18th you can feel much more secure with the shifts that are occurring – particularly those involving your social scene or community. Passions are aligned during this week so reach out to those you love for special moment.!

The full moon (on Saturday the 18th) is a moment to pause and possibly to celebrate your accomplishments!

Although Venus will have moved into your zone of home, nesting and surrounding spaces (on May 15th) making a whopping four planets in your emotional, family-focussed fourth house, the full moon peaks in your career focused area of fame, publicity and outward appearances – your direction and accomplishments zone.

This emphasises a sense of fruition around a work goal, yet obviously there’s also a lot unfolding in your space, with Venus exactly conjoined your modern ruler, Uranus. 

Spotlight your worldly role but also developments across your foundations, family or sense of security.

Taurus Season > Gemini Season

Just before the shift into Gemini Season May 21st (around 9.00 am British Summer Time), sun and Mercury will walk arm in arm in the final degrees of Taurus, with Venus and Uranus embracing in the Zodiac sign Taurus, too.

All focus will be on your domestic life, surrounding spaces or sense of place. Use this day to affirm and recalibrate with a positive outlook on household matters.

Earth Sign Stelliums – Taurus and Capricorn…

With Gemini Season comes a fun few weeks for play, romance, hobbies and sporty, amorous pursuits, and, with Mars in Cancer this could be connected to your work, health or wellness.

Team building exercises could be an ideal way to harness this energy, or enjoying sports and healthy eating.

There may be opportunities for a break-through on the 22nd, as Mars and Uranus align but be willing to exhale and ease gently into your busy, productive side. It’s a day that you could be feeling subdued, despite the necessary action in your surroundings.

The energy is a little fraught on the 30th and 31st – there’s a lot going on!

Venus aligns with Neptune and Saturn in the private realms of home, closure, surrender, sleep and security; expressive Mercury clashes with Neptune and Jupiter.

There could be some difficulty expressing yourself or what you want, and it could be a overly passionate and charged time to speak up and identify your needs.

Use your intuition on this challenging day.

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