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Aries is a womenswear brand on my Aries radar.

Designed in Britain, the capsule collection of printed jeans and tops is manufactured in Italy using Italian fabrics, and hand dyed or printed by the Aries team , then aged by dipping in organic tea, making every single piece completely unique. and finished in the UK.

The label ‘Aries’ has been created by two of the most sought after streetwear designers in fashion – Fergus Purcell (aka Fergadelic) and Sofia Maria Prantera.

Fergus IS an Aries, and has worked on Marc, by Aries fashion designer Marc Jacobs.


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What is that name all about?

“It was Fergus’s job to come up with a strong name for the brand. Ferg is amazing with words and slogans. He’s an Aries, that’s why (I am a Taurus on the cusp of Aries, so I’m not too slouchy in that regard either).”


“The qualities of the star sign – of coming first, being a leader, having a strong creative drive and so on – seemed to be appropriate for a brand. I also liked the unfashionable (hippy) connotations of naming the brand after a star sign.”




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