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Weekly Horoscope: October 8th, Full Moon In Aries Ahead!

Tension rises over the weekend, as the Moon reaches fullness in a square to Pluto...

Venus moves into sultry, sexy, intense Scorpio, joining Mercury in this emotionally perceptive sign, on October 8th (5.07 pm Universal Time).

The Sun is shining brightly, and beautifully in the balanced sign of justice and fairness-for-all (Libra), but we have a Full On Full Moon in Aries, Sunday, October 13th, 9.08 pm UT, which is laced with tension, thanks to a perfect square to Pluto! 

Look out for rising temperatures over the weekend, as the Moon enters Aries – and the challenge of acceptance begins…


Tuesday, October 8th to Monday, October 14th, 2019


It’s a week to primarily focus on relationships, Aries, as planets move through your zone of special unions, and serious partnerships. Lay down the emotional foundations you feel are necessary, having important conversations that are hard, yet warranted. The Full Moon peaks in your sign on October 13th or 14th, depending on time zone, spotlighting your special qualities and how you operate – and negotiate – within the framework of personal relations. However, there’s a major sticking point during this Full Moon: Pluto in your house of public ambitions, and outward appearances. You may presently be feeling tested, thanks to pressures laid on by the outside world. Keep your cool! On a positive note, the Sun and Moon sync with Jupiter, allowing you to step into your knowledge and experience at this key moment.


With Venus now in your zone of partnerships, personal relations, and collaborating, you could be feeling more aware of others, and how they lighten your load; it’s a busy time for you Taurus, with the Sun and Mars breezing through your zone of health and work. Your day job might have ramped up, causing you to turn to key individuals that prove loyal, or, you might find your schedule full of extra tasks you hadn’t anticipated. Share them around a little! On the weekend, the Full Moon in Aries turns the light on in your zone of closure and cathartic release, shedding awareness on subjects usually kept hidden. You may need to step away from others – and your workload – to really comprehend the magnitude of what’s revealed; tension from Pluto adds another perspective. Keep it in the day, Taurus.


Venus joins Mercury in your busy zone of work, health and wellness this week, Gemini, sweetening personal relations in your usual environment – your workplace, gym, or places you tend to visit frequently – particularly with those individuals that are supposed to help you. You could be thoroughly engaged with projects or plans that feel exciting – even a little intense – or dare I say it, dangerous! Relationships are no doubt taking off, and life is presenting lots to consider. Watch out for a sociable Full Moon, which peaks on October 13th or 14th, depending on time zone, spotlighting groups, communities, and the wider world you operate in (including your city, or online network). Libra season wants you to put yourself first, but the Full Moon is a really heated lunation, which steers your focus outwards, towards others, and the long-term investments you’ve made in people, places or things…


It’s a week to primarily focus on home, domestic spaces, and your surroundings, Cancer, as planets move through your zone of nesting, your environment, and how you settle down to recharge and recoup. Begin to see how you can enjoy what’s around you. Venus is now in your playful zone of recreation, sexual gratification, and romance. You could be feeling especially creative, and keen to have fun! However, as we move into the weekend, the spotlight shines on your professional path, public face, or outward ambitions, and goals; tension rises, as the Full Moon peaks in an exact square to Pluto: domineering, suffocating, and potentially restrictive. It’s important to balance home life, with relationships, and the image you’re looking to make.


With Libra Season comes your time to make new friends, meet new people, and get curious about your immediate connections, Leo. It’s an awesome time to be out and about socializing, having fun, and you can even up-level your hobbies and interests thanks to encounters in your neighborhood or work environment. With Venus and Mercury in your domestic realms, you’ll also want to enjoy home life, relishing your surroundings, indulging in time in the kitchen or bonding with those closest. However, you can’t escape the tension in the stars; the Full Moon peaks in an exact square to Pluto, currently transforming your lifestyle – health, work, routines, or some other aspect of your everyday. While a big journey or experience is spotlighted under this Full Moon you could also feel powerless, particularly when it comes to honestly expressing yourself.


It could be a financially lucrative week, or perhaps you’re simply feeling inspired to sink your efforts into your role, focusing on what you need to bring you security and a sense of value, contribution or worth – either within your family setting or home environment. Your ruler Mercury is soaring through Scorpio, giving you a powerful edge to social relations, however with an upcoming retrograde in this area be aware that current conversations or exchanges may need to be revisited. The Full Moon in Aries brings attention towards your investments and commitments, however, with an intense square to Pluto, you could be struggling to deal with relationships in a cool, calm manner. Loyalty is important to us all, but at this Full Moon, you could be feeling impassioned about what other people should be doing for you; it’s sizzling hot, so keep your cool into the weekend.


Happy birthday lovely Libra! The spotlight’s on you, but also on home life, and the responsibilities you’re showing in your domestic environment or family setting. Personal relationships are emphasized with the weekend’s Full Moon in Aries so that while you might be trying to focus on yourself and what’s going on in your space, another person comes off as demanding or needing extra attention! Thankfully your interpersonal skills have developed this year, and your social circle may have grown too. Both can help pour oil on tensions. Remember that communication is the bridge to rely on, when it comes to tackling sticky situations, navigating other people with ‘kid gloves’. Demands could seem totally out of whack (especially as it’s your birthday, tsk) but keep calm, and show just how well you manage it all. Venus moves into your confident second house of earnings this week, delivering sweet rewards – open your heart and your hands!


Although Venus has moved into your sign, Scorpio, your traditional ruling planet Mars, and the Sun linger in the area of your horoscope that represents endings and finality. So, despite feeling ready to engage with friends and the world around you, a process may now be in motion that you need to see through. The choice word for the process is surrender. Healing, releasing, exhaling, and detoxing may be present themes, including letting go of people or circumstances left from the past couple of years. The Full Moon spotlights a more productive, work-and-income related area of your horoscope, so be ready to come out of hiding to acknowledge recognition for the efforts you’ve been making day-to-day. Your thinking and outlook could throw a spanner in the works, so be sure to check your mindset on Sunday and Monday; don’t judge yourself too harshly – you’re bigger than that. Reach for (self) compassion. 


It’s a sociable time of year for you, Sagittarius, and you could feel truly at one with your community, or society at large this week, as the Sun aligns with your special planet Jupiter – in your sign ’til December 2nd. It might be fun to engage more fully with your team or co-workers now; plan to enjoy the weekend in a group setting or among your circle of friends. There’s one harsh aspect to handle, however, which comes courtesy of power-hungry Pluto in your zone of wealth and earnings. A financial issue could present some barrier, getting in the way of your fun, so watch for control issues around your purse-strings, or sense how activities involving a sense of play and camaraderie have the potential to incite insecurity or comparison. Equally, don’t be jealous of those that appear to have an easy time, especially if you’ve got a mound of work to wade through!


It’s a week when you could be keen to make a good impression out in the world, Capricorn, connecting and relating to those in your network, having conversations that broach serious subjects. However the Full Moon peaks in your zone of home, domestic life, and family, triggering your emotional side on October 13th or 14th, depending on time zone; your surroundings could be spotlighted, or the way you feel safe and grounded where you live. So, while you’re keen to circulate outwardly, there’s an inward process that must be balanced, too. Meanwhile, there’s a third point to consider, and a major sticking point during this Full Moon: Pluto in your own sign, creating reasons for a power-struggle. Consider roots, heritage, and past, how your own sense of control plays into household matters, and how you want to be perceived by the world-at-large. Keep that Capricorn cool.


You can begin to feel good about the way you’re coming across in the world – either in your work and vocational role or because of the face you show to the world; Venus now enters your house of fame and notoriety, so step up for some sweet applause, Aquarius! The Sun and Mars are still making their way through the travel and education zone of your chart, however, connecting you to something greater than yourself, which could have an international flavor. Your community or society at large could be spotlighted over the weekend, and yet you’ll also want to hone in on your closest connections, as the Full Moon reveals information, rapport, and ties to your circle. Balance the relationship you have to those further afield, and what’s going on in your immediate vicinity. Power struggles simmer behind closed doors, and you might need to remind yourself of the bigger transformations that require your patience and solitude. Don’t exhaust yourself!


This week Venus glides into your expansive zone of education, travel, and foreign connections, bringing you closer to projects and adventures with a global feel. It’s a great time to build awareness around community, with an emphasis on your growth in the world. However, there are also developments underway that have an intense flavor to them – commitments or investments made with another person or connected to finances, your work, or private affairs. The Full Moon peaks in your money zone, casting its glow in the material facets of your horoscope; your income, earnings, or the thing you do to contribute is highlighted on the 13th or 14th, depending on your time zone. Therefore it’s a week to be mindful of what you have, and what you share; what’s mine and what’s yours…

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