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Fresh Forecast – Your August Monthly Horoscope…

Check in with the weeks ahead, Leo fires into Virgo terrain!

The month opens with a New Moon in Leo (11:11 pm EST July 31st), so fresh starts permeate the collective mood; we can all benefit from taking a generous pause, allowing fresh starts to percolate. Within the hour of this cosmic re-set, Mercury appears direct in Cancer, however Venus, the Moon, Sun and Mars all burn bright in fire sign Leo.

New Moon In Leo / Mercury Direct August 1st 2019…

Summer vibes are cosmically hot, heady and bold thanks to Jupiter in Sagittarius syncing and boost planets in Leo. On August 7th and 8th the Sun and Venus align with Jupiter, while the 21st presents a syncing of Mercury and Jupiter. These are wonderfully uplifting days and times to have fun – no matter your sign!

August moves us from the beach fires of Leo Season to the fields of Virgo on the 23rd. This shift in the stars is felt more strongly than usual thanks to multiple planets moving from one sign to the next, creating a dominant signature within a matter of days: Mars, Venus and the Sun, followed by Mercury at the end of the month. The Moon moves into Virgo on the evening of the 29th, ready for the New Moon August 30th, which bookends the month.

Grand Trine In Earth August 31st…

Mercury, the Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus gather in Virgo and align with Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn, while Uranus in Taurus sees a Grand Trine appear in Earth. This is a time of practicality, endurance and is ideal for getting down to business. Health and wellness may also be in the spotlight at this time, collectively speaking, as well as a big focus on getting back to work, school or to the tasks with enthusiasm.

Full Moon in Aquarius, August 15th 2019

Mid-month the moon reaches its fullest point as it transits the zodiac sign Aquarius. This really marks an important moment of fruition, to acknowledge our world on a group or community level. It also really is the peak of summer, as Mercury will have cleared its retrograde path and we’ll finally have a handle on our particular ‘Leo’ focus.

Now, here’s a horoscope by sign!


Enthusiasm flourishes around a certain passion project, personal interest or venture, Aries – August is your month to thrive – and have fun with it! Allow yourself to be expressive, turning towards the modalities that best support your sense of self-expression (this could be your children, art projects or hobbies or interests connected to work – or it could just be having a good time!). Mid-month the full moon spotlights your wider community, leveraging your creative and professional efforts. From the 18th you’ll be more inclined to take a practical approach, while by the end of the month you’ll be fully enmeshed with the work and tasks ahead.






As August begins you may have work, your professional role or money-on-your-mind as the stars sparkle in your house of income and productivity. New ideas might be inspiring you, and the weeks ahead give you ample room to indulge the vocation, position or earning potential you’re considering and pursuing. August 15th brings you the chance to acknowledge your shared assets, including the spaces or financial investments you’ve made, or the time you lavish on another. Commitments and relationships loom large! You’ll then crack open your sociable side, Crab, so get together with old school friends or enhance your communication skills.


We’ve a lot of planetary activity in your sign as the month opens signalling a fresh start for Leo – claim a new outlook on life and what it is that brings you pleasure and enjoyment! You might now be ready to kick-start creative projects, or revisit a romantic interest or hobbies. Your natural sense of playful, childlike wonder is emphasised at this time and with Venus in your sign you could be extra attractive to others. The full moon on the 15th spotlights a special relationship. Your world can turn more practical from the 24th, as the Sun moves into your money zone and brings your attention towards income, earnings and feeling good about how you’re productive and astute in your role. 








Its a great month for you to spread your wings, evolve and develop, Sagittarius. Plan to have some fun while embracing growth experiences that promote learning, education, and teach you something you can use to thrive and reach your goals. August 11th is a turning point, as Jupiter appears direct, making personal progress feel that bit easier, particularly for those Archers born around xxxxxx. By the end of the month set your sights on professional ambitions,


It’s a year to pull back and tackle some pretty major shifts, practicing closure, surrender and xxxx. August spotlights the spaces or property you share with others, as well as investments or commitments you have, Capricorn. Around the 22nd you’ll begin to notice a shift that puts your plans and passions first. Broaden your horizons with a view to experiencing 


The entire month brings heightened awareness in relationships, and as the weeks unfold you can take special unions more seriously, committing to those you’re involved with. With the full moon on the 15th your own presence is spotlighted with extra emphasis on healing shifts and processes occurring in private for you. Given that partners are a big part of the month its important to see how other people fit into your development. 


It’s a busy, productive start to August as planets gather in your zone of work, health, wellness and service. You could now be in a position to help or could find it’s your job to be supported by those around you. What’s more, the tasks, daily rituals or routines could now be enjoyable, as you find your efforts bring you extra success in the world at large – your overarching goals could seem more attainable as the month progresses. Creative projects continue to be a source of inspiration, giving you greater purpose within your community! Be sure to take a moment to rest on the 15th, as the moon shines in the zone of sleep, dreams and surrender. 

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