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A 90 min facial that clears more than signs of ageing...

Clean and clear your energy fields at Pranic Forest,…

Hotter than this summer’s solstice, the Cosmic Facial at Calgary’s Pranic Forest is a dream experience I had to spill about.

This artisan apothecary focuses on chemical free, non toxic, cruelty free beauty, and have a list of therapeutic facial services that will have you truly starry-eyed…

Highly recommended, the Cosmic Facial was born out of years of experience both as a beauty industry professional, as well as a herbalist, aromatherapist and intuitive energy healer. This 90 minute treatment is the most popular treatment on offer, and for good reason.

What Is A Cosmic Facial?

Using organic botanicals, this is a healing treatment that leaves you looking and feeling younger; rejuvenated on so many levels.

Time is spent balancing the chakras and focusing on clearing the energy fields, as different modalities are worked into the process.

Specially cut crystals from India are used for a deep facial massage and multi reflexology tools are used, which naturally aid collagen production – painless microcirculation reveals a more youthful appearance! Both skin and layers of consciousness are stimulated, activating the bodies natural healing capabilities.

If that wasn’t enough, as part of the treatment you also experience sound healing in the way of a crystal bowl sound bath, a truly out of this world experience that leave you feeling weightless, renewed, refreshed and clear.

To finish, you receive a grounding foot rub that promises to activate the lower chakras, cementing and sealing the new energy you have been infused with.

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The treatment uses Pranic Forest’s own line of non toxic, effective botanical / herbal skin care for face and body, products using home grown herbs, including:

  • masks,
  • exfolliants,
  • serums and
  • oils.

The 90 minute treatment at Pranic Forest costs $125.00 (Canadian Dollars), and most people opt to add on the $40.00 aromatherapy blend, which is optional.

Plus there’s remarkable talent at the spa, with offerings including aromatherapy, facial reflexology, crystal healing, herbalism, reiki, pranic healing, cosmetology, holistic beauty, light channeling and alchemy crystal sound bowls.

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If you’re heading to Calgary Alberta make sure you hightail it to Kensington Crescent, straight to Pranic Forest




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