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Weekly Horoscopes

Here’s your ultimate guide to the best weekly horoscopes. Save this page as a hub of the hottest horoscopes for your wonderful weekly fix!

Wait the whole month? No way! We want it weekly!

It comes round quick, yet you can mark the occasion with a ceremonial reading of the stars with the best weekly horoscopes from proper published professional astrologers who have stood the test of time! Scroll down for links or read these from Star Sign Style…

There’s Always Time To Pamper – And To Catch Up On The Weeklies – It’s What Weekends Were Made For!


Soak up a seven day forecast and check in mid-week to see how you’re faring…

Here are more of my favourites…

  • Mysterious Mystic Meg You’ve got to love Mystic Meg, even if she does write for The Sun (yuk!) Her horoscopes appear in TV Magazine (Saturday’s Sun supplement) and Fabulous magazine (Sun supplement on a Sunday). Check them out and try and bag the print version of this mag as it’s got some great fashion finds every week!
  • Cosmic Claire Petulengro Pick up Saturday’s Daily Mirror and fish out We Love TV magazine for the weekly stars from astrologer Claire Petulengro. You can also find her forecasts for all the zodiac signs via The Astrology Room online.
  • Jonathan Cainer Saturday’s Daily Mail supplement (Weekend) comes with weekly forecasts from Oscar Cainer. You’ll also find these stars available on