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Free Monthly Forecast – Cancer January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

The New Year opens with a partial solar eclipse (January 5th or 6th*) in your relationship zone, Cancer, and, as the zodiac’s moon babe (Luna is your governing celestial body,) you can expect to re-affirm special unions at this time.

During January there’s generally a big emphasis in your zone of partnerships, and dealing with people one-to-one. This isn’t just about your marriage partner, work wifey or best friend, it can be any kind of person you experience in a setting for two. This month, identify the people you’re talking or interacting with on your own, and evaluate the lessons you’re learning through others. Boundaries or your presence and wisdom in these exchanges could be key; it’s likely you’re taking these experiences very seriously, or talking with people in a position of power or authority.

Since 2011, the spiritual planet Neptune has been making its way through your learning zone, and you may have been considering a new belief system, or opening up your consciousness to different perspectives. Your strong sense of rapport is aligned with this imaginative outlook, and those you’re faced with could be involved with your shape shifting philosophies.

On January 1st Mars moves into an impassioned position for your ambitious nature to thrive, and work, healthy habits, or your day-to-day environment could gain a lot of traction! Though you’re pushing ahead, be mindful not to tread on other people’s toes, particularly the 8th.

The full moon, January 21st is another important moment in the calendar, shining its light on your sense of confidence, earning capabilities and what you value. Although Aquarius season (starting the 20th) marks a shift towards commitments and shared responsibilities, you can honor your own position – and beliefs – in the last week of January. The 22nd is a good day for everyday success (i.e. at work, school, or where you operate), while the 25th sees you making your mark in the world, fuelled by the groundwork and consistent efforts made.

On the 30th, it’s possible to speak candidly with another, sharing intimate parts of yourself or having those difficult conversations about money, savings and investments. Evaluate on the full moon, to prepare for this moment that highlights how you can come together.

* Depending on time zone.

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