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Cancer May Horoscope…

Check in with the stars, Cancer, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

It’s a month that can put you in touch with powerful people in your community, yet you might also need to hit the escape button, Moonbabe… Make wishes on the 4th about who you’d like in your network and celebrate romance and your passions on Saturday May 18th!

Now, lets look at your month ahead in detail, Cancer…

Cancer May Horoscope, 2019

As we enter May the sun is moving through a visible, sociable slice of the skies, Cancer, spotlighting groups, communities and work accomplished as a team.

The new moon on the 4th draws attention to your future goals and intentions around work that’s accomplished in the wider world, projects involving the assistance of friends and co-workers or your broader network and peers. Think how you might leverage your position – and partnerships – to help you achieve your dreams – particularly those that involve your social scene or the collective.

The new moon is also a time to consider the friendships you hope to make, the circles or company you see potential in; note this could involve some powerful individuals! Think big, Crabcake.

Venus and Mercury are passing through Aries, and the area of your horoscope that sets you on your path, and improves your profile in the world. However, there’s a significant clash in the stars May 1st and 2nd, which sees tension between those you encounter and the impression you’re making.

Mercury rubs Saturn and Pluto the wrong way now, so be mindful how you come across in emails or messages, particularly connecting to authority figures, those in power, or even a marriage partner or friend. You may be feeling productive and purposeful yet struggles abound! Be confident in the pursuit of your goals, yet aware.

Despite the tension, the 1st in particular is auspicious for thinking about reaching for the stars – and being heard for your wisdom or bright ideas.

Between the 8th and 10th you can usher in new connections, or be inspired by surrounding community; it’s generally a good time to put yourself out there, to be wholeheartedly involved in the causes or work you believe in, sharing what you’ve learnt.

There’s magic in the air, as stars align around your knowledge, personal journey and quest, and relating this wisdom to the world through publishing, broadcasting or generally being heard.

But again be mindful of power struggles and coming on too strong when following your own desires.

May 9th – Neptune, Sun and Moon align at 18º with the north node at 19º…

Social connections and personal relationships are strong between the 11th and 14th, with positive shifts in your professional world possible. Between the 16th and 18th you can mingle among the right people you were thinking of at new moon..

Later that week, the full moon (on Saturday the 18th) is loaded; Venus will have moved into your friendly zone of teamwork (on May 15th) creating a line-up of four planets encouraging you to feel good about your circle, collaborations and group work.

Yet the moon peaks in Scorpio, and your zone of solo endeavours, emphasising the projects you make happen – from a creating baby, to building a website, brand or writing a book, maybe putting on a play or production, or creating artwork. It’s also the area governing sexuality, recreation, potency in what you love – including romantic relationships, making it a good day to pause and review all your passions, interests and hobbies, Cancer.

Energy wise, heading into the month you’re incubating, transforming behind the scenes and gaining closure.

This is a great time for yoga, meditation and swimming, or talking about spiritual matters that captivate you and help you grow.

This time out may also be really beneficial for career aspirations, as you’ll afford yourself peace to get focussed on your professional path. Energizing influence Mars spends the first half of this month gently glimmering in Gemini (till the 16th) and the other in your sign Cancer, meaning the second part of May is far better for coming out of your shell to take action.

Taurus Season > Gemini Season

Just before the shift into Gemini Season May 21st (around 9.00 am British Summer Time), sun and Mercury will walk arm in arm in Taurus, with Venusand Uranus embracing in Taurus, too – a great time to forge new friendships and alliances.

With Mars in Cancer syncing with Uranus, the focus will be geared towards your community; use this day to affirm your place among friends – there may be opportunities for a break-through in relation to your personal connection to the crowd at this time.

Earth Sign Stelliums – Taurus and Capricorn, your personal, social and community relations…

With Gemini Season comes a month to escape, draw back and recalibrate behind the scenes; this is an ideal time to continue break old habits, gain closure and take time out before your time in the sun, Cancer! And, with Mars in your own sign now, you’ve the potential to really transform yourself and step out as a brand new version of you by the time your birthday arrives.

The energy is pretty intense on the 30th and 31st – there’s a lot going on!

Mercury in your quiet zone of closure, recuperation and cathartic shifts clashes with idealistic Neptune, while Venus aligns with the dreamy planet of higher thought. Realisations may arrive around those in your circle, or you may need to step back from the fun for a time out.

Although certain people call, weigh up your options on this day, examining if you’re really needed to perform or if you can take a more understated position, and a step back.

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