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Capricorn January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

You’ve a strong start to the year, with a new moon (and an eclipse, January 5th or 6th*) delivering a personal fresh slate for you Capricorn, and stars aligned for camaraderie and friendship. With five celestial bodies (Mercury, Saturn, the sun and moon, and Pluto) in your zodiac sign – and your sense of ‘self’, it’s a heavy and powerful presence to be acknowledged.

Perhaps you’ve a certain sense of responsibility or particular focus on you – and not simply because it’s your birthday! You might have decided to start working towards your dreams, and are now in the midst of some promising developments. Or perhaps you’ve some realizations about your physical body (and what’s you’re ready to quit) that are ready to be acknowledged; perhaps it’s your sense of confidence, and the letting go of people, places or things that will help you stand in your true magnificence. Claim your new beginning, and anticipate a stronger sense of purpose by the end of the month.

Elsewhere, Mars is on the move. January 1st sees the red-hot planet step into your home zone, which could spell DIY projects or activity in the domestic realms, or you could be making some final shifts emotionally. Solitude could come easily as you accept the tasks before you, and there are plenty opportunities to tend to you private life, to enhance your experience of family circumstances or nesting. Note the potential for shifts January 18th, 22nd and 25th.

The full moon January 21st shines a light on power balances, particularly financial ones or those relating to your space, property, taxes or inheritances. There’s a sense of finality, as you look outside of yourself for revelations.

Overall, January emphasizes ways of thinking and connecting the dots, as your ruler Saturn syncs with Neptune all month long. A spiritual influence, Neptune has been hanging out in the area of awareness and curiosity since 2011, elevating your consciousness – or simply washing over your cerebral functions in a foggy, soggy manner.

It’s a good time to consider your interests and connection to spirit – whatever takes you higher, Capricorn… It’s important – and at times challenging to stay connected to the group, too. January 31st sees the two planets aligned perfectly, but their influences is far broader throughout the month.

* Depending on time zone.

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