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Capricorn March Horoscope…

Check in with the stars, Capricorn, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

Lets look at the month ahead in detail, Capricorn!

Capricorn March Horoscope 2019…

March 2019 opens with a focus on you, Capricorn, with the moon and Venus in your sign bringing attention your way. However it’s not an entirely autonomous emphasis, with tension at home (or in your surroundings) courtesy of Uranus in Aries, which could throw emotions off-balance!

Keep cool over the weekend (March 2nd / 3rd), and notice improvements to your sense of self-worth, as Venus moves into Aquarius (2nd to the 26th March). Venus in Aquarius allows you to feel good about your role and what you do – including your ability to earn; it brings about positive vibes in your outlook on your position and could have you thinking about how to spend cash you’ve worked hard for! As a new week begins you could be inclined towards the material side of life, and your efforts.

It’s Pisces Season as March begins – an ideal month to connect with those around you, learning new skills among peers and close friends, or becoming interested in your local community, particularly around the new moon in Pisces Wednesday March 6th (4.04 pm GMT). There’s the opportunity for a fresh start among your inner circle, and how you relate, communicate, or cultivate your openness to learning. You can also assess what you’ve accomplished to date within your thinking, particularly where you’ve been empathetic, charitable or had an elevated outlook on life. It’s a dreamy, imaginative time, made even more so by the onset of Mercury Retrograde from the 6th; dealing with others in a compassionate, sensitive way could be an important focus during the next few weeks. Be extra mindful of Mercurial complications – try to go with the flow and communicate your needs as clearly as possible – conversations may go back and forth in weeks ahead.

Throughout the month Mars is in Taurus, and your lusty zone of hobbies, personal interests and creative projects. The weeks ahead are ideal for driving ahead romance or fun artistic passions, and you could find you’re engaged in something exciting! A significant planetary shift comes March 6th, when Uranus moves into Taurus, kicking off an 8-year cycle that will shake up recreational pursuits, and playful self-expression. It might be useful to think back to last May (14th May 2018), when this first happened. One possibility is making a baby in the years ahead, using innovative ways to help you in the process (i.e. IVF or a surrogate), or, you might create a beautiful online project, or rein-visage your garden.

As before, Mercury will appear retrograde on the 6th, making March a great month to reflect, with Sunday March 10th an extra positive day. The sun will be aligned with your fave, Saturn, while Mars (and the moon) will sync with Neptune. It might prove a good time to think about cherished projects, to brainstorm your passions and interests!

March the 14th is one to navigate, as the moon shines in busy air sign Gemini, while the sun in emotional Pisces clashes with Jupiter, who’s keen to work behind the scenes in private. It could be hard to get what you hope to achieve done on this day, however your passions are enduring, stable and consistent, Mountain Goat. This need to balance feeling engaged and pulling back lasts into the weekend (March 16th / 17th); it’s likely you’ve an elusive sense of clarity over these days – try to reach out to those you know have a sympathetic ear, and go gentle.

Wednesday March 20th is an important day, building up to the full moon at 0º Libra.

The moon will be passing though Virgo giving you an adventurous outlook, and makes ties to the planets in earth signs Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto and the north node) and Taurus (Uranus and Mars). This is a 5-star day to let your philosophy in life materialise and be shared; heady Mars will make ties to powerful Pluto in your zone of enjoyment and enthusiasm, while poetic communicator Mercury will align with your own star of the cosmos, Saturn. This is a great time to own your power, your hardy endurance and stamina to express yourself.

As soon as Aries Season begins (March 21st), Luna will peak in Libra – and your zone of fame and career notoriety – for the first time (the second full moon in Libra occurs April 19th / Good Friday / my birthday!) Consider this to be a positive moment for your income, and how you’re making changes in private; Venus will align with Jupiter on this special day, adding a touch of magic to the full moon, inviting you to acknowledge all you’re managing that’s unseen. Perhaps you’re prepping something or planning something that you know will help you feel – and look – really good!

On March 24th the stars could present confusion, as Mercury Retrograde meets Neptune; emotional receptivity and your intuition is attuned yet there’s confusion on this day – look forward to the time Mercury will appear direct, Friday 29th March

Although it’s Aries Season – and your time to nest, settle and address home and domestic life – as we round off the month of March it could be hard to focus on your foundations. Don’t worry too much if confidence is lacking around your sense of stability – April fares better!

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