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Carine Roitfeld Harpers Bazaar Zodiac Shoot

Carine Roitfeld Astrology…

She may be the global fashion director for Harper’s Bazaar, she may be a Virgo of fashion but Carine Roitfeld ain’t no astrologer!

However she has taken inspired from the zodiac and with top models at her disposal (Lara Stone, Saskia de Brauw, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Liu Wen) Carine has teamed up with photographer Anthony Maule and shot impressions of astrology, below. Creative direction by Stephen Gan.

My thoughts as follows…


Pink and fluffy, that’s not Aries’ style!

Lara looks passive and disinterested, in contrast to the style of the Ram who is raring to go, eyes on the prize! Maison Martin Margiela boots are kinda cool though… Coat by Coach fits the shaggy sheep look.



Saskia de Brauw presents the Bull.

It’s true that they love a bit of luxe but this Chanel bomber is a little gaudy for Earthy Tauro! Better suited to Leo (and Chanel was a Leo…)

Love the thigh garter but would look best on Sagittarius, the sign that rules the thighs.



Tegan Desmond and Sarah Brannon do not omit a dextrous duo vibe – remember Gemini is a positive, mutable sign, light and bright. Fail.



Lara Stone poses in an awkward crab stance, so that befits Cancer, monochromatic ticks a box too. She wears Libra designer Yohji Yamamoto, I this warrants a “Could do better”.



She may be an amazing Aries but Rosie has a soft and demure Venus in Pisces! Try as she might she’s not convincing anyone that there’s a lions roar projected in this pic.

I would really like this leather Givenchy ensemble for Capricorn though… Looks well-made and features lace, a favourite of the Goat.


Wide eyed Sagittarius Lara isn’t fooling me as a pure-as-the-driven-snow Virgo – they’re virtuous! The Dior dress fits.



Really not into this cherry print number at Saint Laurent, but is IS asymmetric, and that’s a Libra thing, so we’ve got something to work with… Not much else though. Libra rules fashion too, tut tut.



Scorpio, private people. Lara’s Sagittarius Sun is somewhat blowing this sign’s cover as she’s just a little to overt to be convincing! Can’t see a Scorp wearing a mini-skirt (though they’d love the bondage look)…


Love this pic – love the blue and joyous leather.



Capricorn the Goat – great excuse to rock the Maison Martin Margiela boots again! Giz a close up guys…



Abstract look and 10/10 for the water splash, although Aquarius is the water bearer – carrying water to symbolise the containment of water, a.k.a. emotions. Slow clap.

10/10 for effort!


Very nice colour-wise, dreamy… Bubbles.

Guys I’m here if you need astro fashion advice… Just an email away…

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