Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs.

Cute Astrology Art

I think you’ll agree, these are the cutest zodiac interpretations! They’re sweetest I’ve found in ages – I love the colours, watercolour technique and overall feel that’s used to covey the twelve constellations…

Which is your favourite!



So Cute, Pretty Astrology Art…

Aries The Ram

cute astrology art aries

Aries The Ram ☆ Cardinal ☆ Fire ☆ Mars

Taurus The Bull

cute astrology art taurus

Taurus The Bull ☆ Fixed ☆ Earth ☆ Venus

Gemini The Twins

cute astrology art gemini

Gemini The Twins ☆ Mutable ☆ Air ☆ Mercury

Cancer The Crab

cute astrology art cancer

Cancer The Crab ☆ Cardinal ☆ Water ☆ Moon

Leo The Lion

cute astrology art leo

Leo The Lion ☆ Fixed ☆ Fire ☆ Sun

Virgo The Maiden

cute astrology art virgo

Virgo The Maiden ☆ Mutable ☆ Earth ☆ Mercury

Libra The Scales

cute astrology art libra

Libra The Scales ☆ Cardinal ☆ Air ☆ Venus

Scorpio The Scorpion

cute astrology art scorpio

Scorpio The Scorpion ☆ Fixed ☆ Water ☆ Pluto

Sagittarius The Archer

cute astrology art sagittarius

Sagittarius The Archer Mutable ☆ Fire ☆ Jupiter

Capricorn The Goat

cute astrology art capricorn

Capricorn The Goat ☆ Cardinal ☆ Earth ☆ Saturn

Aquarius The Water Bearer

cute astrology art aquarius

Aquarius The Water Bearer ☆ Fixed ☆ Air ☆ Uranus

Pisces The Fish

cute astrology art pisces

Pisces The Fish ☆ Mutable ☆ Water ☆ Neptune


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