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elsa schiaparelli zodiac collection auction

The Zodiac Jacket From The Elsa Schiaparelli Zodiac Collection

Demonstrating that a love of astrology and fashion is alive and kicking, the Schiaparelli Zodiac Jacket was sold (3rd December 2013) by Kerry Taylor Auctions for a whopping £136,400.00.

Presented in 1938 the Zodiac Collection, the jacket features Elsa Schiaparelli’s trademark design of the Big Dipper, which was her good luck emblem.

A nickname given to her by her astronomer uncle, Giovanni Schiaparelli, he observed that Elsa had beauty marks correlating to the group of stars.

The jacket sold at auction has the twelve glyphs of the zodiac running along its opening and neck, with planets, comets and constellations embroidered over its midnight blue hue. It is edged in rhinestones and sprinkled with minuscule glass beads as stardust, and gorgeous gold thread.

Elsa Schiaparelli was born the 10th September 1890, in Rome, making her a Sun in Virgo fashion designer.

More Astrology Inspired Fashion From Elsa Schiaparelli…

Elsa-Schiaparelli-dressElsa-Schiaparelli jupiter mars belt astrology

Elsa Schiaparelli, 1939

This belt features the astrological glyphs of Jupiter and Mars, fashioned in what looks like bronze.

The rest of the hand embroidered belt is silk, and glass rhinestones.

Black Jacket Featuring The Zodiac…


Elsa Schiaparelli Zodiac Jacket – another piece that featured the zodiac wheel.


Black silk velvet cloak with an embroidered image of the Greek god Apollo.

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