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Fresh Forecast: Your February Monthly Horoscope!

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February 1st 2020, Monday
Moon in Taurus, sextile North node 11.04 am EST; 
Moon squares Sun 8.44 pm EST – First Quarter Moon
Moon trine Jupiter at 11.11 pm EST
Venus sextile Pluto – exact tomorrow at 2.00 am EST

February 2nd 2020, Sunday
Venus sextile Pluto – exact at 2.00 am EST
Moon trines Jupiter (like yesterday) / Moon sextile Neptune 5.29 am EST / Moon trines Pluto 5.53 pm / Moon sextile Venus 7.32 pm EST / Moon trines Saturn 9.24 pm……….
Moon begins to square Mercury in Aquarius (3rd at 6.28 am EST)
February 3rd 2020, Monday
Moon begins to square Mercury in Aquarius (3rd at 6.28 am EST)
Moon into Gemini 6.29 am EST
Mercury enters Pisces 6.38 am EST
Venus sextile Saturn 4.55 pm EST
February 4th 2020, Tuesday
Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus (4.40 am EST tomorrow
Moon in Gemini trine Sun in Aquarius 11.20 am EST
Venus sextile Saturn
February 5th 2020, Wednesday
Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus 4.35 am EST
Moon enters Cancer 2.03 pm EST
Moon in Cancer sextiles Uranus 7.17 pm EST
Moon sextiles Mercury 9.00 pm EST
February 6th 2020, Thursday
Moon meets North Node in Cancer 4.00 am EST
Moon opposes Jupiter 4.14 pm EST
February 7th 2020, Friday
Moon opposite Pluto 7.03 am EST / Saturn 10.44 am EST
Moon quincunx Mars 7.34 am EST
Venus enters Aries 3.03 pm
Moon enters Leo 5.45 pm EST, trines Venus
February 8th 2020, Saturday
Mercury trines North Node
Full Moon in Leo peaks tomorrow 2.34 am EST
February 9th 2020, Sunday: 
Full Moon in Leo 20º00’ exact 2.34 am EST
Leo Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius 11.08 am EST
Moon enters Virgo 6.39 pm EST
Moon trines Uranus in Taurus 11.30 pm EST

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