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Fresh Forecast: Your February Monthly Horoscope!

See what the stars have in store for sweet Valentines...

Aries or Aries Rising

February allows you to drive ahead projects and assert your knowledge among peers, Aries. No doubt you’ve worked hard to occupy a certain position on the ladder, and in the weeks ahead you can demonstrate all you’ve learnt, or share your adventure within a community setting. February 3rd is a choice day to connect to the group or your network.

New friendships can blossom or you can improve relations within your circle before the 11th, while the week of the 12th is ideal for contemplating your place among your associates. You can be appreciated for your individuality and be a part of something bigger, Aries.

The desire to be front and center of your social scene will begin to wane from the 11th, and by the 20th could feel like going off grid entirely. Give yourself space to retreat, Aries.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

It’s a month to step up and into a position of authority, at the helm of proceedings, or to shimmy towards the spotlight, Taurus. You’re being called to own your professional goals or to focus on the path that lies ahead; the 7th could help inspire your rightful direction. Renew your ambitions on the 15th, thinking of a greater purpose you’re connected to.

Relationships are presently a hot topic, with plenty of action on the go in a dynamic duo; you could be addressing all sorts of agreements you’ve worked hard to establish this month. Tackle them with enthusiasm.

From the 11th you’re able to gravitate towards the social set that calls you, with wonderful adventures promised and plenty of learning experiences possible among friends or colleagues. Note your power days: the 21st and 27th. The 25th could have you choosing between friends and lovers.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Learning and broadening your horizons through travel, education, foreign or overseas connections, or even a new philosophy and outlook is a distinct possibility for Gemini this month. You might also be exploring a new, entrepreneurial project or widening your scope, venturing further afield through the subjects that fascinate you most; an enthusiastic friend or partner can inspire you on the 3rd. Be sure to settle on your new endeavor towards the 15th; community could be instrumental at this time, too.

From the 19th you can afford to be ambitious, focusing on the path you’re forging in the world; it’s likely you’ll make a positive impression on those around you this month, and that you’ll feel supported and capable in reaching your goals. The 21st and 25th are resounding in stability for you Gemini, though watch out for heated exchanges on the 28th!

Cancer or Cancer Rising

For the first half of February you’ll want to reflect on your private affairs, Cancer, from legal or money matters, to contracts, taxes, investments or shared obligations – bills or property matters that require attention. Partnerships are an integral part of this process, and you could be taking steps towards bonding more deeply – or figuring out your exit strategy from a commitment.

There’s a fresh start offered just after Valentines, so use cupid’s day to renew your intentions for finances and unions. This could be as simple as vowing to liberate yourself from debt for a much brighter future.

Later in the month foreign connections call; a journey is indicated after the 19th that helps broaden your knowledge, or that connects you to exciting work projects, learning and adventure. Whatever your destination may be, your relationship status enhances, supports and enables your endeavors.

Leo or Leo Rising

Other people could be taking up much of your focus presently, Leo, with a partnership or friendly liaison bringing your attention fully towards how you deal in one-to-ones. Your sense of passion is high, as Mars lights up your romantic, creative impulses all month long. You could be wildly enamored with a new flame, or impassioned with a hot collaboration that’s stoking your imagination.

A fresh outlook on relationships comes around Valentines Day, so think of your ideal the week of the 12th. You could then be ready to take things deeper, or surrender expectations as the month unfolds… Financial or property matters could creep onto your radar from the 19th, tackle important matters on the 25th, when you’re especially organized. It’s a good time to own your sense of stability, to be supported, to lean into trust, loyalty and to own your power in unions.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

February brings your focus towards health and wellness, Virgo, putting good habits into practice and bringing your busy schedule into alignment. Nurture yourself on the 3rd, making extra efforts from your sanctuary to improve your daily ritual. Strong foundations and emotional security make it easier to accomplish all you’d like; use the week of the 12th to think over your goals, encompassing all the elements that make up your usual routine. There’s clarity for you on the 17th, but a difference of opinion to navigate on the 13th.

From the 18th you’ll be keen to turn your attention towards collaborations and partnerships – particularly romantic relationships or fun, creative associations! There are some outstanding days to see happiness in a couple blossom, including the 21st and 25th – and everything in-between! The 27th is incredibly steamy but conversation could get all too emotional…

Libra or Libra Rising

It’s your season to smile, Libra, as the sun and Venus make merry in the most playful area of your horoscope. Though it might feel that work is suffering while you indulge, do have fun and allow space for self-expression and the things you adore. From the 12th you enter a busy phase where your interests will have to compete with a packed schedule, however affirm what (and who) it is you enjoy most – especially around Valentines Day.

Home, family life or your sense of stability has been an important area of focus lately, and you’ll feel increasingly at ease with domestic or emotional matters towards months end; the 15th, 25th and 27th are particularly supportive days that help you feel in your rightful place. Your imagination is high on the 21st and 25th, bringing you even more confidence in your role.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

February can be productive, with a great sense of stability on offer, Scorpio.

Your ruler Mars is powering through your money zone, so watch for trigger happy spending and instead direct your energy and income towards saving; prove to yourself you’re capable of earning or contributing more. You can be confident in your role, knowing you’re building something that will enhance your sense of security.

The stars are sparkling in your domestic zone, and it’s an excellent time to improve your space or the way you feel about home and family. Embrace a fresh start around emotional matters with a thorough Spring-clean the week of the 12th.

From the 19th you’re enter an awesome cycle to enjoy yourself, indulging in the activities and interests you adore most. The 21st, 25th and 27th can draw important connections close for magic moments of fun!

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

With energizing Mars in your sign all month it’s an excellent time to propel yourself forward, Sagittarius, particularly among those near and dear: peers, playmates, siblings and friendly colleagues. Your ability to create close ties is remarkable early in the month, with a strong focus on improving your connection with others and your ability to communicate. Stay curious, and explore your local neighborhood for inspiration; you can seize an enthusiastic fresh start the week of the 12th with genius sparks of creativity at your disposal.

Domestic life or your emotional foundations benefit from your attention too, this month, and you might find you’re keen to improve your space or establish firmer footing towards the end of February. From the 19th your sense of home will be foremost; you could find you’re particularly mindful of financial commitments, ensuring your nest is comfortably and beautifully feathered.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Turn your attention to practical matters, Capricorn, as this month puts an emphasis on money, income or the role you feel confident in. There’s a fresh start around your finances and position on the 15th, so think about how you like to contribute. What is it that works best for you, and how do you like to be appreciated and compensated? Efforts made in private connected to physical healing or spiritual wellbeing have positive repercussions, and you can be proud of the hard work that’s now paying off.

From the 19th you’ll be at one with your closest companions, taking positive steps for harmonious ties with others. The 21st and 25th are 5-star days for self-expression – you can deliver a very special sentiment to peers, playmates or colleagues, while the 27th puts your personal accomplishments in a positive light.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Say yes to social activities Aquarius; Mars is energizing your community and networking zone and you’ve plenty to say among peers, with chatty communicator planet Mercury having just entered your sign! Aquarius season is in full flow, putting you in the spotlight. You’ll come across beautifully, and could feel truly on top form, back in your rightful position among a crowd.

The new moon in Aquarius (February 15th) delivers a personal fresh start, so dedicate some time to self-reflection the week of the 12th, contemplating how you’d like to move ahead – particularly in connection to those closest and regarding the skills you’d like to develop that are uniquely yours.

You’ve opportunities to improve your financial standing, work position or approach to earnings, growing confident this month. From the 19th focus on how you save and spend, and what returns the most value to you.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

It could be time for a deep clean, clear-out or total eradication, Pisces. Planets are presently swimming in the most spiritual, psychic and subconscious area of your horoscope, which lends itself beautifully to closure and healing. There’s no better moment to wave goodbye to the past, sending people, places and things that no longer serve you towards the sunset. Release expectations, exhaling fully on February 15th ­– it could prove incredibly cathartic and bring you closer to your truth.

Your birthday season begins on the 19th but you’ll be feeling super dupa fly far sooner, with Venus gliding through your sign from the 11th. There are powerful opportunities to be seen and heard by your community, namely the 21st, 25th and 27th. It’s likely there are people worth impressing in your wider circles, and you’re becoming increasingly influential yourself – so dazzle them!See

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