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April 7th / 8th: Full Moon In Libra, 2020…

Tuesday April 7th or Wednesday April 8th, get ready for a sociable – yet emotional – lunation in Libra!

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Moon Muse: Claire Danes, Sun In Aries, Moon In Libra….

Full Moon In Libra, 18º43’

  • Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Venus.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Wednesday April 8th, 2020 at 12.35 pm
  • Hong Kong: Wednesday April 8th, 2020 at 10.35 am
  • Kolkata: Wednesday April 8th, 2020 at 8.05 am
  • Moscow: Wednesday April 8th, 2020 at 5.35 am
  • Paris: Wednesday April 8th, 2020 at 4.35 am
  • London: Wednesday April 8th, 2020 at 3.35 am
  • New York: Tuesday April 7th, 2020 at 10.35 pm
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday April 7th, 2020 at 7.35 pm.

About This Full Moon…

The Full Moon in Libra shines its bright glow on personal relationships.

Most people that are familiar with the different signs of the zodiac will attribute the themes of social harmony, balance, fairness and pleasantries-within-partnership to this sign of equilibrium, Libra.

While this is a fair assessment there’s usually something else to remark (i.e. it’s not simply about one-to-ones, just because it’s ‘Libra’)  but in the case of this Full Moon there’s plenty to suggest personal relations are indeed key…

The ruler of the Moon is Venus, now aligned with Mars (in Gemini and Aquarius, respectively).

If we’re not too fussy about the degrees, we might say that at this Full Moon we’ve a Grand Trine in Air, made up of the Moon (18º43′), Venus (3º51′), Mars (5º45′) and Saturn (1º04′) – a very exciting blend of celestial bodies are involved in the story!

Venus and Mars are the two astrological lovers, and with their strong alignment in Air this Full Moon is a joyous, ‘easy’ occassion.

Astrologically we would want those degrees to be a lot closer (to dubb this an official Grand Air Trine), however it’s a strong signature in the horoscope nonetheless.

Meanwhile, in Earth, we’ve Uranus (5º33′ Taurus) making a challenging aspect to Mars, aligned the South Node (2º03′ Capricorn).

Neptune is quincunx the Moon from its Piscean waters, blurring the edges just a little; Mercury in Pisces syncs with Powerful Pluto and Jupiter.

The Mars-Uranus square is slightly disconcerting, as Mars is keen to affirm his will in Aquarius (with Saturn involved in his cause), while Uranus is a volatile planet, weakened (in its fall) in Taurus.

Planets in Air could look to override what’s happening elsewhere – what’s been established – racing ahead to indulge in connection, romance and fun, without truly measuring the feasibility

The Full Moon Chart…

How To Work With This Full Moon…

  • Look for ‘hot’ degrees in your own natal chart: around 2º, 18º (and up to 25º of the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), or the early edgrees of the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). If you have personal planets (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) or chart angles (ascendant-descendant, imuni coeli-midheaven) at these points in your chart pay extra attention.
  • Reflect on relationships; this Lunation could hark back to the Libra New Moon on October 9th, 2018 (at 15º48′ Libra, with Mars in Aquarius), or September 28th, 2019. What progress has been made since these dates? What has grown or manifested? 
  • Work with air and water – there’s an undeniable signature of Air, with so many celestial bodies in the breezy element, but also teamed with water – wet and wild! The Full Moon peaks on Mercury’s Day (Wednesday), bringing attention to the zodiac sign Pisces, and Neptune’s aspect to the Moon. A romantic movie, drive by a lake – chatting with friends, or another outing that brings emotion to social occassions meets this blend of elements.

Your Full Moon In Libra Horoscope…


The Full Moon peaks in your opposite sign on the astrological wheel: Libra.

This puts partnerships and togetherness first, as the spotlight lands on others, and how you balance the load, and negotiate within personal relationships.

Whether you’re single or attached, all kinds of individuals can be significant today Aries, from a best friend – or frenemy – to a spouse or business partner. Look to the ways you’ve grown as an individual within those unions, and take heart, knowing there’s greater potential that lies ahead.

Realizations can arrive that open you up to the possibilities at a group level (company dynamics, society, your crew, team or professional squad), how you deal one-to-one with members of the collective – even online, or addressing ‘the Masses’.

Consider those you’d like to take a step closer to, the friendships and support you’re keen to forge moving forwards.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of health (and sickness), body maintenance, employment, routines and lifestyle.

Look to the improvements you’ve made in your work environment that help you help others – little changes made that allow you to uphold your job, and serve more easily.

Also consider those that help you, celebrating and thanking employees, your barista, cleaner or personal trainer – people that keeps you running like the industrious, capable creature you are.

Acknowledge your wellbeing (diet, fitness, body health), as realizations can arise that show you where you can now pursue your goals, success, and prestige; look to gain status, achieve more, and accomplish something in earnest in the world thanks to your enduring efforts. It’s likely you’ve learnt so much, which is now ready to be put to good use.

Thankfully, you’re primed to step up, feeling fit and ready to follow the call.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of creativity, projects, passions and romance.

This puts love, sexuality, and special affections you have first, as the spotlight lands on your hearts desire, pleasure seeking, and how you find enjoyment (and creative inspiration) in life, and all it has to offer.

Notice what fills you up and makes your heart beat faster – this could be a beloved project, talent, artistic feat, a pregnancy, child, romantic liaison, a person or interest that has your full adoration.

Celebrate what you love, Gemini – elevate it – knowing it’s the fodder and creative inspiration that can teach you so much! For example, a lover could be the gateway to a new faith, philosophy or destination, a baby could be your greatest teacher, an artistic talent could be your key to travel and touring, learning and experiencing more, or, your sexuality could be what leads you to your personal truth.

Remember, connecting to what you love takes you further…


The Full Moon peaks in your house of home, making for an ideal evening to retreat, take it easy, and focus on self-care and nurture.

Look to the improvements you’ve made in domestic spaces and environments – where you cook, live, eat and work – and notice where you have a reason to smile, feel accomplished, safe, and stable.

Perhaps family life is having a ‘moment’, or perhaps you feel confident about your roots, foundations and property. You may have worked on an emotional or family issue, and now feel relief; you may have been working hard so could achieve a ‘house beautiful’ vision straight out of a magazine. today.

Treat yourself to the dinner service set you’ve had your eye on, the vase, or hang the family photo, Cancer. Realizations can arise that show you where you can now feel compelled to commit and co-sign with someone you trust, how you’ve both proven to be good housemates, intimate, loyal, and at ease with each other.

Allow this emotional Full Moon to show you where you’re keen to settle.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of contact. Though it’s Aries Season – a time to travel, explore and venture further afield – the mood of the Moon emphasizes connections closer to home. From siblings, neighbors, and close kin, to school friends, coworkers or those in your immediate surroundings, (or, those folk that are top of your message inbox,) spotlight your kindred spirits, your bros in close proximity…

Rapport is strong, now, and your ability to connect and communicate ranks high on the agenda this evening. Notice where improvements made enhance what you’re opening up to in more personal, one-to-one dynamics. For example learning a new language that brings you closer to a partner, learning to drive to take responsibility in a union, adding negotiation and social skills to your repertoire to better step up (or stand up to another). All kinds of interactions can be significant at this Full Moon, which can also reveal information, data, and produce realizations about ‘what you know’ to be true.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of money, material goods and personal belongings – the zone of salary, personal contribution, and gains.

Look to the progress you’ve made in your work environment that helps you feel confident about what you make (in terms of earnings) or the success you’ve had in the tangible realms, feeling good about savings made (i.e. being clever with what you have, making it work for you).

Notice what you’ve accumulated, built, and developed in terms of real-world assets, and how these help you come off better in the world (in your career or outer position and reputation).

Though Aries Season shines a light on what you earn or make as part of a team, today you can illuminate your possessions, wealth, and the way you sustain yourself and others through your solo efforts and talents.

Realizations can arise that show you your true vocation, calling, and a path to pursue. Set your sights on personal success thanks to your consistency, financial savvy, or resourcefulness, and get crystal clear on where to channel your energy next, Virgo.


The Full Moon peaks in your sign Libra, peaking at its Full Moon phase in your autonomous first house of self, persona, and identity.

Though it’s Aries Season – a time to pay attention to others, to team up, and rely on your sense of collaboration, this evening puts the spotlight on you and you alone.

Celebrate! Really taking a moment to think about what you’re most excited and eager to engage with, the interests that mean most. This could be getting pregnant or lending your creativity and talent to something important or fun, it could be about finding a lover, your passion project, hobby or another ‘true love’ – regardless of what others demand; it could be about the trip, course, or cultural pursuit you’re keen to follow, or simply be about standing in your beauty, charm, and loveliness.

Set aside what others want to identify your own needs, sense of desire, and solo interests.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of solitude, rest and healing, making for an ideal evening to retreat, take it easy, and focus on what has shifted.

Look to improvements made around habits, additions, or ways you care for others – perhaps you’ve been sacrificing yourself for a good cause, a partners wellbeing or work. Perhaps you feel accomplished having quit sugar or smoking, or are now enjoying a great escape – swimming, on vacation, working in isolation and enjoying a breather.

Realizations can arise that show you where you’ve the ability to let go an move beyond your troubles, which in turn allows you to ground and root yourself, and motivates you to establish a more permanent sense of home.

Allow this emotional Full Moon to show you what no longer serves you, and where you can feel free to set up strong foundations. Spotlight scandals and misunderstandings, relieved that you can release them – wave goodbye tonight…


The Full Moon peaks in your house of supportive friendships, followers, and community. This puts the spotlight on your support system, a team, or society at large, and you can look towards the ways you’re now flourishing within the collective; your company, network or industry – even your city.

Realizations can arrive that help you appreciate your part in something greater than you, but also, to see the potential of the smaller elements that make up the bigger picture.

For example you may now work in a large company, and while you’re being recognized you could also be motivated to restructure your team or department. You may be one of many ‘mothers’ but know within your inner circle you can make a difference to maternity rights, for example.

Celebrate your contribution to the group, knowing there’s work to be done among your kindred spirits, that will ask you to connect and communicate with skilled aptitude.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of career, visibility, reputation and professional life – your outer world and public image.

Look to the achievements, successes, and improvements you’ve made – particularly your ability to take the podium, to lead, to be a boss, an authority, or the chairman of the board – or to be known as a mother, wife, or accomplished partner.

Enjoy a boost to your profile or rapport with your boss or an authority figure.

On the one hand it may be early days for addressing your salary, earning power, financial goals, and for leveling up in your position, on the other you’re in for some rapid advancement. There’s so much ahead in the short term that will exponentially improve your working relationships, however today your star is rising of its own accord! Celebrate where you stand, vocationally, visibly, and prestigiously.

See yourself flourishing with something to be glad about – announce the brand name.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of travel, adventure, education and dreams.

This puts a personal vision, journey, or experience first, as the spotlight lands on the knowledge you’ve developed by broadening your horizons, stepping out beyond your usual parameters, open to what others have to teach.

Notice what you now believe to be true, the code of conduct, cultural values or philosophy you find beauty and peace in. Celebrate the places you’ve been and all you’ve seen, knowing your voyage and exploration will never cease. In fact, the sacred principles or the guidance and mentorship now in your back pocket is what can help inspire you in taking steps to establish yourself, now.

You have the drive and momentum, even the wisdom to present yourself as an authority – it’ll take time, yet be willing to make all-important initial moves.


The Full Moon peaks in your house of joint interests, shared spaces and resources, highlighting the way you unify, bond, merge and come together in your relationships to build trust, intimacy and your legacy.

Shine a light on ways you’ve managed to develop and deepen your sense of partnership with a loved one – from moving in together, opening up a dialogue with a family member, to addressing your finances, will, debt, or inheritance.

It’s a time to take it easy, to withdraw, reflect and look at things that are not necessarily comfortable to talk about. And yet, you’ll feel OK with those harder subjects and private affairs (death, sexuality, mortality, commitment, vulnerability, allowing others to give and support you while you stand down, recover, and retreat).

Notice how others pull through for you when you’re inactive, and can’t do the heavy lifting.

It could feel like an emotional Full Moon responding to others; rather than talk everything over be at peace, surrendering and going more with the flow, noticing where others make space for you to breathe.

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