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Full Moon In Pisces, 2020…

Circumnavigate tensions with faith and optimism on side at this lunation!

Moon Muse: Asia Argento, Sun In Virgo, Moon In Pisces…

Full Moon In Pisces, 10º12’

  • Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day,
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter + Neptune.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 3.22 pm
  • Hong Kong: Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 1.22 pm
  • Kolkata: Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 10.52 am
  • Moscow: Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 8.22 am
  • Paris: Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 7.22 am
  • London: Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 6.22 am
  • New York: Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 1.22 am
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday September 1st, 2020 10.22 pm.

About This Full Moon…

The Full Moon blooms amidst a mystic rectangle, involving the two rulers of Pisces: Jupiter and Neptune. But also a grand cardinal cross (Mars, Venus, Juno and Saturn).

Uranus is perfectly aligned with the luminaries at 10º, so that this Full Moon moment taps into ground breaking changes – and shifting attitudes (particulalry around our collective attitude towards the material world: finances and fashion).

Venus lands opposite Saturn, so that feel good factor isn’t necessarily in bountiful abundance – there’s vacillation between being comforted and satiating desires vs. knowing the long-term implications at large.

Mercury is trine both Pluto (at 6.36 am EDT) and Saturn in Capricorn, and sextile Venus, making it possible to have conversations of a deeply probing nature.

Your Full Moon In Pisces Horoscope…


Emotions are heightened, as the Moon peaks with its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your dreamy, sleepy zone of cathartic release and surrender, late this evening.

Let go, believe, and receive, Aries. It’s a moment to celebrate and acknowledge the tools in your kit that help you move beyond tangible trappings, and into the realms of the unknowable.

It’s Virgo Season, and the Sun and Mercury in this pure-spirited sign are bolstered by planets in earth; Mercury harmonises with Pluto in Capricorn, and the Sun aligns with Uranus. This creates a strong earthy signature as a backdrop to the magnificent, watery Full Moon rising.

Not only is it a Full Moon in watery Pisces, elevating emotions and heightening collective experiences, the pleasure planet Venus in water sign Cancer is also presently having a moment, in opposition to stern, authoritative Saturn.

Venus has moved through the skies – and Cancer’s seas – opposing Jupiter, Pluto and now Saturn (all in Capricorn), making it harder to find ‘the sweet spot’. Don’t be surprised if the feel good factor is missing, now. Try as you might to satiate the desire for comfort, security, and nourishment other obligations and considerations loom large…

There are many ways to boil an egg, Aries, similarly, there are many ways to be effective in your role, many routes to success, and many ways to find the sense of validation, accomplishment and praise warranted your way.

Today’s Full Moon illuminates the zone of secrets, self-sabotaging unconscious behaviors, and the way you escape the toil, grind and hard labor, to achieve serenity, understanding, acceptance and an elevated perspective, which actually brings you closer to your true north and soul purpose.

The Sun now shines in organized Virgo, and both (Sun & Moon) find harmony with change maker Uranus in Taurus – and you money and motivation house.

Neptune in Pisces has been slowly helping adjust your sails, so that you can thrive in the right direction, and now aligned with planets in Capricorn there’s potential to realize the habits, practices and overarching methods that allow you to be at your best, professionally, practically, and in your position.


The Full Moon peaks in Pisces, and your sociable eleventh house of teamwork, groups, online platforms later today, emphasizing the broader organizations or industry you’re a part of – time to spotlight your glam squad, Bull! Celebrate a job well done among friends today and tomorrow!

What’s more, your ruler Venus is also in a water sign, Cancer, aligned with Mercury in Virgo, heightening your capacity to be expressive and enjoy talking or thinking about a project or feat that’s come about with your tribe.

But, with taskmaster Saturn directly opposite loving Venus, it could be hard finding the right words or sentiments, with limits around your closest ties…

Celebrate the loose relationships you have with those in your social set or circle, as the Moon blossoms in your house of collective hopes & dreams, emphasizing all that’s made possible when you come together as a clan.

A Full Moon makes us aware of certain themes, and you can now acknowledge your part in a group dynamic.

Virgo Season puts your solo passions and personal interests first, but as the Moon lands opposite Sol the two sides of the story are offered the gift of awareness.

The Sun is perfectly aligned with change maker Uranus – progressive and radical – in your own sign, Taurus. Breaking new ground, shaking up the norm, and doing things differently is an idea worth strengthening, and you may present this through your physical appearance, or through a project, plan or passion.

Elsewhere, Venus – now in your house of contact, communication, neighbors and kindred spirits – is directly opposite the stern planet of limits, Saturn.

If it feels hard building rapport or difficult to get a message across don’t be surprised, as the boundary imposing karmic influence could have you working extra hard verbalizing comforting sentiments…


The Full Moon peaks in Pisces, and your professional tenth house of career or outward successes, so that it may be time to recognize an accomplishment or milestone, a vocational goal reached, or feat that’s come to fruition…

Venus now tours your second house of earned income, material possessions, personal wealth and your job role or contribution. The feel good factor could now be felt around your capacity to bring earnings to the table; Mercury syncs with Venus in your domestic zone of stability, safety and household matters, so that thinking about your abode, family, surroundings or security could marry well with what you’re trying to accomplish at work.

Yet opposition from Saturn makes it a little harder to enjoy your efforts…

Meanwhile your ruling planet Mercury taps into deeper alliances, so your intuition about another person may be remarkable spot on…

Pleasure seeking Venus and hard nosed Saturn now oppose each other on the axis of finances, emphasizing “what’s mine” and “what’s theirs“ – the power dynamic between your input and what a partner gives, what you stand to gain and what you’re working towards solo.

While there’s enjoyment and satisfaction to be gained from your side, you might feel that within relationships someone else is falling short, or not paying their way, Gemini. Try to recognize what they do offer but know today it’s about your reputation and efforts…

A strong earth signature now presents itself, Gemini. The Sun and your ruling planet Mercury are in the emotional fourth house of roots, foundations, hidden household matters and family sensitivity – nurture and nesting.

A stellium of planets – Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn – linger in your eighth house of investments, commitments, and shared resources, making ‘mutual gain’ a broader, long-term theme that’s enduring.

Uranus is now activated in your elusive twelfth house of unconscious matters, and private affairs, so that breakthroughs can occur around unknowable facets of your psyche – for example making tangible progress around bad habits that have held you back, or shifting patterns in relationships that you act upon simply because of the past.

Today, grow beyond the hand that was dealt to you…


The month opens with a Full Moon, prompting heightened emotions, awareness, and a celebratory quality. The Moon peaks in fellow water sign ‘Pisces’, and your visionary house of education, expansion, publishing and thought, late this evening.

It’s a moment to acknowledge the ways you learn and grow, embracing and experiencing another persons perspective or lens, Cancer, allowing others to share their wisdom with you – and you with them!

It’s Virgo Season, and Sun and Mercury are in this pure-spirited sign bolstered by planets in earth; Mercury harmonises with Pluto in Capricorn, and the Sun aligns with Uranus, giving a strong earthy signature and sociable backdrop.

Not only is the Full Moon in watery Pisces elevating emotions (in yourself and others), pleasure planet Venus in your own sign is presenting certain feelings, now in direct opposition to stern, authoritative Saturn.

The desire driven planet has moved through the skies, one-by-one opposing Jupiter, Pluto and now Saturn (all in Capricorn), making it easy to see those that act as a roadblock, authority figure, or to acknowledge boundaries that appear between you and others; partners or circumstances could now make it harder to find ‘the sweet spot’, don’t be surprised if the feel good factor is missing, now.

Try as you might to satiate your own desires and meet your own instincts you’ve likely to consider what others want…

The Sun now shines in astute, perceptive Virgo and your zone of connection, communication and neighbors, and today, both (Sun & Moon) find harmony with change maker Uranus in Taurus in your sociable house of community and friendship.

Today’s Full Moon illuminates the zone of higher thought, and how you reach conclusions as you move further in the world, learning and discovering new perceptions or views to incorporate into your own.

Notice the part your circle of peers has on your outlook, what people in the world at large enable you to think, feel, and know – what truths are sparked in you thanks to the input or influence of others?

Neptune in Pisces has been slowly helping adjust your sails, so that you can grow in the right direction, and now aligned with planets in Capricorn there’s potential to realize certain people that teach or mentor you exponentially…

Have those deep conversations and connections today, Cancer!


The Full Moon peaks in emotional, watery, boundless Pisces, and your intimate eighth house of joint endeavors later this evening.

The Sun – your guiding star – is in perfect harmony with maverick change maker and disruptor Uranus, so that the spotlight lands on your role, purpose, and the way you do things differently – shaking up the status quo.

There’s generally a strong earth signature now, with Sun & Mercury in perceptive Virgo, with the communication planet making strong ties to powerful, potent Pluto.

It’s a day to acknowledge your work and efforts, celebrating progress made around resources & working together – with the Moon putting emphasis on what “we” do merged together, as well as what you’re able to manage solo.

Your commitments and investments are spotlighted, Leo, so that you can take a generous pause, with a moment set aside to relish partnerships across the board – what you’re able to do thanks to the involvement of others.

There’s likely great appreciation of what a partner contributes, as the Full Moon peaks in your house of commitments and mergers, in line with Uranus, the planet of change in your house of reputation.

While this might not manifest as a literal announcement that changes your title or relationship status, some Leo’s will have profound awareness of how a particular alliance or investment now alters the way they’re seen at large.

Meanwhile, Venus is now lingering in your twelfth house of quiet surrender, enjoying a retreat from a busy schedule, now opposite Saturn, laying on heavy demands, Indulging a soft spot is hard as duties call! Don’t get too comfy!

With the Sun tied to disruptor Uranus, it’s an awesome moment to recognize the facets of your role and reputation that allows you to push the envelope forwards, Leo, either by working in an unusual field, or simply being one to go your own way – against the grain…

Perhaps you’ve an unconventional character or are known as an outsider a maverick and rebel, or maybe you like to help the underdog.

Today is one to either live up to what you’re known for, or begin challenging what’s normal, by turning the world upside down to your point of view…


Your planetary ruler ‘messenger Mercury’ is bolstered and strengthened by potent, power monger Pluto, today, Virgo, as the chatty, expressive go-between harmonizes with this formidable transformer. Have the deep and probing conversations, now that you’ve the powers of persuasion on side…

The Full Moon lights up your seventh house of partners, so although it’s your birthday month you’re more interested in how others are feeling, today.

Spotlight partnerships across the board and if you’ve been low key about a particular entanglement bring it out for all to see! Yet with a Venus-Saturn opposition what you’re presenting among peers might have heavy undertones…

Venus now sails through Cancer and your friendly eleventh house of community and group alliances, teamwork & interests of a collective nature.

Yet heavy handed Saturn – Lord of Time, Karma, and consequences – is established in fellow earth sign Capricorn, and your passionate, smoldering fertile fifth house, making you take the long way around your personal desires; you may have endured in matters of the heart, developing slowly.

With these two in direct opposition our ability to get what we want or feel fulfilled is more difficult – your friendly flirtation among friends might be laced with something far more hard earned…

Celebrate your unions while keeping expectations in check.

Venus guides how good we feel, including success and praise, and fulfilling our desires, wants and flights of fancy. With Venus in Cancer and your community zone, you could be looking to enjoy yourself in your circle of friends, keen to get a stamp of approval from those in the world around you.

Over time, you’ve no doubt painstakingly worked on your talents and ability to create and conceive (thanks to Saturn in your fifth house of joy and self-expression), yet with opposition in the stars you might not get the reaction you’ve been hoping for.

With the Sun (in your sign) aligned with Uranus, be open to a fresh outlook, to learn something new and be willing to take alternative routes, different thoughts and perspectives, today.


Later this evening there’s a Full Moon in watery Pisces, and your house of health, daily routines and rituals, employment, tasks and everyday chores.

This marks a moment to celebrate a job well done, Libra, so be sure to recognize where your dedication, efforts and consistency around the little things has paid off – possibly quite literally! Where have you been devoted, selfless, and made serving others a part of your routine?

Communicator Mercury is tied to penetrating Pluto, so you can tap into the usually unknowable facets of your innermost self, digging deep into your nature and patterns, to identify subconscious drives that motivate you – and help you reach towards your aspirations…

Your ruling planet, pleasure-seeking Venus now tours your success-oriented house of outward appearances, so that you could be vying to get along with someone in a position of influence or authority, noticed, praised and validated – perhaps by a parent, boss or deriving recognition some other way.

With restrictive Saturn established in the inner, emotional realms now opposite Aphrodite, it could feel hard making the impression you’d like while still maintaining stability or fortitude inwardly.

Know you can’t please everyone at the same time, Libra, try to tackle people on your radar one by one…

Celebrate the wins, Libra, as the Full Moon peaks in your house of work and service later this evening.

It’s Virgo Season, a time to rest and recalibrate in private, regrouping behind the scenes, preferring isolation and solitary conditions to get on with what’s asked of you (rather than engaging in teamwork say, or idle chatter).

Yet today’s lunation draws you out into active participation to notice what’s been accomplished! With Venus touring the highest house in your horoscope you could be feeling ready to demonstrate your positive attributes and qualities, reveling in recognition or a well-deserved accolade.

Even if circumstances prevent you from shouting it from the rooftops, make a mental note, or put pen to paper adding what’s been achieved as a CV update.


The Full Moon peaks in Pisces and your fun fifth house of romance, passion, love and affection, lending the spotlight to personal passions and solo interests, Scorpio, as although it’s Virgo Season – and a time for friendship and community – equal light (and awareness) is now lent to both what makes others smile and what’s good for you!

However, with the planet of pleasure and indulgences (Venus) now opposite Saturn, you might have to work extra hard to know or notice the sweeter things in life.

Allow a partner to point out how much potential there is in today!

The planet of turbulence, change, shakeups and discord, Uranus spends eight years in each sign, touring a different area of our horoscope. Today, this erratic, unusual planet is especially well placed in your relationship house, to make a statement about entanglements that are helping you disrupt expectations of what partners represent for you.

Ties between the sociable Virgo Sun and this radical influence in your house of one-to-ones makes for friendships that rock your world, and, with this morning’s Full Moon also reverberating you might have embraced a new look at love…

Growing and developing in wonderful ways is now an appealing prospect, Scorpio, with the planet of enjoyment and pleasure touring your ninth house of education, travel, cultural experience and higher thought.

Discovering a different window on the world is an exciting prospect that’s sure to tick a box, so buy the spiritual book, map out plans that teach you – or will help you share something you’ve found to be eye-opening.

And yet, with opposition from Saturn (and recent opposition from Pluto, and before that Jupiter) you could be your own biggest critic, aiming for perfection or only allowing your message to hit audiences when it’s just so.

Or, you might feel you’re lacking the skills to really put your work out there. Have faith and let friends be your biggest allies and cheerleaders.


The Moon moves through Pisces, with a Full Moon in your domestic zone later today, giving extra awareness and even reason to celebrate notions of home, nesting, nurture and family – even a breakthrough around the way you work together as a household, or changes that are working for you around cooking at healthy habits; perhaps a light bulb moment with a therapist who’s walking you through emotional issues from the past.

Take it easy, as your private life and security could feel extra charged and heighted, give yourself tender, loving self care, or be ready to ask those around you for what you need – if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Venus now tours your intimate eighth house of commitment and close connection, so that pledging yourself to another is a highly desirable bond to be relished. And yet, with opposition in the stars the amorous love goddess is up against formidable Saturn now, so that your own role, input and work is a constant issue, now.

You might need to work extra hard to broach the issues that pertain to you both, perhaps sensing that your own efforts or input has been hard won. While you may have struggled to get a handle on your self-worth, treat a partner and what you take on together a little separately. Play fair!

The Pisces Moon raises emotions, so that although Virgo Season encourages you to focus on your career and advancement there’s heightened feelings around family, your foundations, and your inner world.

The Sun now shines in the highest point of your horoscope, the tenth house of notoriety, recognition, and professional life, so that being acknowledged for your work efforts and consistent input could feel important now, Sag.

It’s a great time to be seen in your vocation, spotlighting what you know and have learned over time – begin to make a bit of fuss over enduring efforts!

Today in particular, it’s good to recognize the habits you’re breaking or implementing in service of a positive lifestyle, and what helps you make the difference – from daily exercise, to a check in with your team, to apps or inventive technology that simplifies your day-to-day.

Recognize what’s been working for you, with intention to carry on!


The Sun moves through fellow earth sign Virgo, and your expansive ninth house, giving you a visionary platform to broadcast your ideas and engage with other perspectives – through travel, personal development and learning.

Meanwhile, the Moon continues moves through Pisces, with a Full Moon in your third house of contact and communication elevating close ties, and a message or news from your local environment, neighbors or inner circle. Notice what comes up, Capricorn.

Additionally, Venus tours your house of partnership, so you could be keen to show your amicable side, even slipping into people pleasing tendencies. And yet, with opposition from your ruling planet Saturn, it could be hard to totally relinquish control…

The planet of love and affection, Venus now tours your seventh house of ‘others’, so that personal relationships rank highly in giving you ease, comfort and a sense of pleasure – teaming up or collaborating could seem like a great idea!

And yet, with your ruling planet Saturn in your own sign, there’s potential for a struggle now, as you stamp your mark of authority in partnerships.

It’s hard to make things ‘work’ if we’re forever asserting our own influence and even imposing boundaries, rules or limits–don’t put up a wall, enjoy, Cap.

This month the Sun lights up your house of long distance travel and learning, making it a great time to familiarize yourself with a different belief system, cultural slant, or perspective.

Don’t let this years restrictions dull your optimism too much, Capricorn, as with Jupiter in your sign – and the month of Virgo Season in motion you can explore and discover new horizons through a course, educational journey, or even through striking up conversation with someone different to you, which isn’t hard to do with the internet. Go out of your way to take a different route.

With a Full Moon in lucid, imaginative Pisces early this morning, your own manner of thinking is in the spotlight, with acknowledgement of your own aptitude, rapport and communication skills.

What needs to be said or verbalized?


The Moon moves through Pisces, with a Full Moon in your money house late this evening, Aquarius. This 24-hours may give you extra awareness around you input, contribution, income or personal belongings, with Moon aglow in this sector of personal gains.

Venus also moves through a water sign, in your house of healthy living and lifestyle choices, so that making good decisions around your wellbeing could appeal, encouraging you towards friendly relations with coworkers.

Yet, opposition from your traditional ruler, Saturn, could hold you back, with subtle, even unconscious developments making it tough to follow through on plans. Realize Rome wasn’t built in a day, and manage expectations as well as relationships…

Desire-driven Venus now presents affectionate glances in your house of day-to-day living, so you could crave friends around you – the get-along-gang at work, in the gym or school, or simply where you find yourself regularly.

Yet busily engaging with those usual folk (even those you manage or your own employer) could be tough, thanks to an inner process underway, which could elevate matters of health and healing.

Don’t expect it to be all smiles, with shifts in your private life now, Aquarius.

There’s plenty that’s been occurring in the private, hidden realms for you Aquarius, and many won’t be privy to the transitions and transformations that have occurred just beneath the surface, with slow moving Saturn joined by Jupiter in your house of endings, closure and surrender.

Yet you know, and with today’s Sun-Uranus alignment in your intimate eighth house – and foundational fourth – it might be time to share internal shifts with someone loyal and trustworthy.

What’s more, perhaps you can acknowledge plans for the future, too, and where you intend to settle – and how…


The Moon moves through Pisces, with a Full Moon in you sign!

It’s Virgo Season, so the spotlight lands on your seventh house of partners, yet with the equal light reflected by the Moon – and Sun, you can give equal precedence to yourself, your needs, and others.

Acknowledge bright ideas and concepts, as the Luminaries align with sparky, radical Uranus in your third house of neighbors, local environments and contact – you could find you’re keen to express unique notions to those in the world around you, with a human connection that feels animated and different…

As the Sun (and Mercury) now tour your opposite sign you’ve a generous capacity to lend to personal encounters, what’s more, the Sun ties itself to unconventional Uranus in your third house of connection and navigation now, so you could feel especially intent on making contact with others.

Yet pleasure-seeking Venus – in romantic, alluring Cancer and your fertile fifth house of sexuality, conception and creativity – now lands opposite Saturn. Community obligations or the role you uphold in your friendship circle could place heavy demands on you now, so you’ve to work extra hard to satiate a sweet tooth – or the craving to enjoy yourself!

You’ve likely experienced a lot of growth and awareness among broader circles this year, Pisces, as Jupiter now tours your house of friends, allies, community and peers, putting emphasis on those that would support you as you step out into the world with collective interests in mind.

Now, you can be in touch with those that would make ideal partners for your cause, as Virgo Season elevates group dynamics and teamwork.

Notice those that enhance what you’re looking to pursue and promote, the industry or community objectives that mean something to you and broach the important – even controversial – topics today…

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