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Gemini 2019 Horoscope…

A Fresh Forecast Taking You From November 2018 to December 2019!


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In Summary: Your Gemini 2019 Horoscope

Good news for Gemini – whether you’re single or attached, you’re about to enjoy a lucky year for partnerships!

It’s possible to thoroughly enjoy your most significant other in the year ahead, with major emphasis on sharing your self – and your truth – with others.

You’ll be keen to forge strong bonds in January against the backdrop of a thriving social scene, however your busy schedule proves distracting throughout the remainder of 2018.

The overarching theme for Gemini in the year ahead is commitment, which is something you’ve been getting more serious about lately – specifically your investment of time, money and resources. Sharing space with a business or life partner takes on new levels of importance into 2020 and beyond, and whether you’re signing paperwork to be together or apart, it’s necessary to gain clarity on who’s deserving of your loyalties.

In addition to deepened levels of trust and intimacy, your autonomous sense of purpose and position is important, too. Your ability to master the material realms holds great promise, and you might find you’re earning more, or becoming settled and contented around your role or personal income.

Work may need particular attention in March, July and November, yet career aspirations can be celebrated in mid-September – by which time you’re feeling supported.

Now, lets break down your year ahead in more detail…

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Buddy Up!

November 8th 2018 to December 2nd 2019

Twin Stars have been taking a more serious approach to relationships these past few years thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius, not settling for less. With Jupiter now blossoming in your relationship zone, the potential to really relish the pairings you’ve diligently worked upon is granted. From November 2018, you’re all set to ease into their special unions, with expansion due and a boost in awareness around one-to-ones.

From marriage and love partnerships, to significant pairings at work, business or home, expect the emphasis to be on others, Gemini.

Throughout 2019, the planet of expansion will bring great emphasis to all kinds of unions – from people you encounter at work, to your lover or partner at home.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, knowledge and gifts, so you’re likely to be learning plenty about your primary interactions in the 12-months ahead. You might like to travel more with special friends, or team up in other ways.

At the tail end of 2019 Jupiter will move into Capricorn, taking partnerships to new levels of commitment, so use the year ahead to build happy partnerships and share the load.

See important dates during Jupiter in Sagittarius, here.

Saturn in Capricorn

December 19th 2017 to December 17th 2020

This is a longer-term influence that’s inviting you to take your investments and relationship bonds seriously.

The astrolgoical taskmaster Saturn has been making his way through your partnership zone and now takes his turn in the committed area of your horoscope.

Relationships that have stood the test of time these past few years now undergo a new level of transformation, as planets gather in your intimacy sector.

The Olsen Twins Are Two Gemini Stars Who Know How To Balance Their Books…

Shared resources and externally focussed financial issues are about to get more prevalent, think property, taxes, investments, loans, passive income and inheritances.

As you work through important money matters remember that black is a formal color that omits responsible, authoritative vibes. With or without a partners this dark shade will help you figure out the fine print, minimising your fuss…

Uranus in Taurus – Clean Out The Psyche…

March 6th 2019 to April 25th 2026

March sees Uranus move permanently into earthy Taurus for a seven-year stint, which will shake up your most personal, private life, Gemini.

Over the coming years you’ll experience a major transition in your subconscious realms and inner world, with the planet of exciting change stirring your dreams and sense of healing and closure.

Read more about Uranus in Taurus here.

Moments to Dazzle

  • Venus In Gemini – Beautiful Venus sweeps through your sign between June 9th to July 3rd 2019, spelling your best days to feel confident, gorgeous and glam.
  • Full Moon In Gemini – Luna peaks in your sign, illuminating the Gemini constellation during Sagittarius season – note the full moon in Gemini on December 12th – your moment to celebrate personal progress. Best face forward around this stellar day!

Set Personal Intentions

High Energy

  • Mars In Gemini – March 30th 2019 to May 15th – a long stint when energy’s high and you’re extra motivated! Mars in your sign can also spell a time when you can be argumentative or come on too strong, so mind to chill out a bit too!

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