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Free Monthly Forecast – Gemini January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

The month – and the year ahead– begins on a sociable high note, as Mars blasts into the area of your horoscope connected to group endeavors, Gemini. You ruling planet Mercury is already in a position to relate well to others, and January is significantly geared towards a blossoming sense of partnership.

Growth planet Jupiter in your relationship sector is joined by lovely (flirty) Venus on the 7th, and both will party in your relationship zone, which is fabulous for all unions across love, business and friendship. The two planets will meet January 22nd – a moment to relish! Getting along well with others is a positive, fruitful objective now.

There’s been change occurring within the community, company or network you operate in this last 8 years, as Uranus has shaken up your social circle. January could make you more active within group settings, or create a little friction on the 8th. The last week of January proves easiest in a crowd; the 30th is popping!

On January 5th (or 6th*) a powerful new moon resets agendas in the most private, committed zone of your horoscope, spelling a time to hone in on taking agreements seriously. From contractual financial investments, to love (and marriage), focus on what’s tied up, what’s owed and what’s due. It’s no doubt a time of intensity, as five heavy-hitting planets hunker down in this area of shared spaces and resources. You might be looking to buy property or move in with another person, signing a new lease agreement or sorting out bills, and who pays what.

Be sure to maintain boundaries and stand your ground; it’s helpful to know what you’re willing (and unwilling) to negotiate on. There could be individuals in your world that are unwaveringly supportive of your career path, or the way you’re seen in the world. Stars align to make it so, this month and around the 14th in particular. Simply temper any exuberant, outlandish exchanges in favor of a steady style conversing. Balance buoyant, optimistic enthusiasm with the more intimate notions of trust and loyalty.

The full moon on January 21st shines a light on communication skills, information, or your aptitude for connection. Look to close ties and bring the story full circle.

* Depending on time zone.

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