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Gemini May Horoscope…

Check in with the stars, Gemini, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

Lets look at the month ahead in detail, Gemini!

Gemini May Horoscope, 2019

There’s a swiftness in the stars this month, Gemini, as your ruler, Mercury, races through a total three zodiac signs – Aries, Taurus and Gemini!

It’s likely you can make headway, taking a rapid approach in your personal affairs with little stopping you (except on the 1st and 3rd).

Though it’s Taurus Season (and your time for solitude, escape, healing and closure, Gemini), May opens on a particularly lively note, as enthusiastic Mars syncs with your ruling planet chatty Mercury on the 1st.

The first part of the month is generally good for relating to your community or colleagues, friends or the wider world. It’s a special time to connect, and you may be feeling particularly spirited, driven to plug in, leveraging special partners or relationships within your network.

The first week of May doesn’t chime so easily for your private affairs and investments, which could be of a financial, personal or romantic nature.

A new moon on May 4th helps you pull back into solitude and affirm big shifts that are on the cards; this could include lifestyle changes or awakenings, physical transformation and healing, releasing or surrendering bad habits (or people!)

Strive to feel at one with the universe now, no matter what’s changing for you.

Due to clashes between live wire Mercury and stern Saturn and Pluto, there may literally be tension between your partner (or investments) and the landscape in which you operate (ie social scene, circle or company).

People in your crew or in the world at large might make it difficult for you to feel serene or at peace within your commitments; the answer or solution may lie in pulling back a little to honour your private life, prepared to exhale.

The 9th is a very good time for intimate partnerships and personal relations, again, draw back for quiet time.

Your private realms will be easier to connect to once Mercury moves into Taurus on the 7th, giving you the quiet stability and peace needed to unwind and switch off.

Inspiration for closure and transition can arrive on May 8th, as Mercury meets Uranus in your zone of rest. Watch out for headaches on this jangling, jarring day. It’s worth looking back to events around April 22nd to see what was unfolding, as you may have a similar experience, insights or awareness. Use your imagination, and leverage any reflections that have arisen during spring to enhance your goals, work, professional life and income.

May 9th – Neptune, Sun and Moon align at 18º with the north node at 19º…

Stars align for serious affairs – partnerships, investments, seclusion or sexual encounters – on the 11th and 14th, but it’s between the 16th and 18th that you can really comprehend and process the issues most prevalent to you.

The full moon (on Saturday the 18th) is loaded; Venus will have moved into your zone of sleep, dreams, dreams, seclusion and delusion (on May 15th) creating a line-up of four planets in this intimate area of escapism and closure.

On the opposite side, the full moon peaks in your work zone, which emphasises your productive side, work and health issues.

Acknowledge efforts made and bring your awareness to those that serve you, and how you serve others.

Taurus Season > Gemini Season

Just before the shift on the 21st sees Gemini Season– and your time in the spotlight – begin, sun and Mercury will walk arm in arm in the final degrees of Taurus, with Venus and Uranus embracing in the Zodiac sign Taurus, too.

Full focus will be geared towards your private life – intimate relationships or financial investments – so use this day to affirm and recalibrate with a positive balance.

With Gemini Season comes a month to focus on you, and, with Mars in Cancer this could be connected to your earnings and confidence in all you do.

There may be opportunities for a break-through on the 22nd, as Mars and Uranus align.

The energy is a little fraught on the 30th and 31st – there’s a lot going on! Venus aligns with Neptune and Saturn in your commitment zone, bringing true closure to all you’ve been reflecting on, while Mercury clashes with Neptune and Jupiter.

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