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Hillary Clinton – Scorpio Rising?


Hillary Clinton – Super Scorpio?!

Big debate going on – other than the MAIN EVENT!

Astrologers have been deliberating Hilary Clinton’s birth time and are just not sure if she’s a Scorpio Rising

Hilary is certainly…

☆ Sun In ScorpioMercury In ScorpioVenus In ScorpioMoon In Pisces

But we don’t know that all-important ascendant… Sure she’s a SCORPIO –


But wait, is that JUPITER???


Jupiter is the Santa Claus of the cosmos, and if you’re born with this jovial planet in the first house of appearances there’s a good chance you could come off as a holly-jolly character with oodles of flair and personality.

You’re OTT, and larger than life! With Jupiter at 0º of the roaming sign Sagittarius the following line-up say ‘yes’ to a Scorpio rising / Jupiter in the first house…


She also has Mars in Leo… With powerful Pluto!


And, like Kim Kardashian, Hillary has the moon in dreamy Pisces – those big, glassy, soulful eyes are down to this position of lune…


I think white is a choice color for Hillary with the moon in the sign of the fish, which could align with her possible watery ascendant.

Hillary Clinton, Possible Birth Chart


Born October 26, 1947 – Time Unknown…

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